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🎄12 Days of Christmas-CAL: Day One 🎄

Posted by Reneé Ettia on

Hello Yarnies <3

Happy 1st of December! And happy first day of our 12 Days of Christmas CAL! 

We are so excited to bring you our very first design from a series of 12 beautiful creations by our Yarnish Design Team. 

If you're not too sure what the '12 Days of Christmas-CAL' is, let me explain: 

We have harnessed the collective imagination of the Yarnish Design Team to bring you 12 amazing designs, exclusively for our 2019 'Days of Christmas Crochet-Along'. Every day for the next twelve days of December, we will be releasing one gleeful pattern for you to make. But just like Christmas morning, there will be NO peeking. You won't know what you're making until the day of the it's release. 

Pre-orders for kits were available in three colourways; Merry, Frosted and Rustic. 

If you're thinking about joining, then it's not too late. You can purchase the pattern collection here and use your own colours in your stash. Alternatively, we can purchase the Scheepjes Catona Yarn, which has been used in this CAL. 

Now let's see what we are making for day one!

 🎵 On the first day of Christmas-CAL, Mrs Yarnish sent to me 🎵

Two cozy Christmas Stockings, by Katt Wade of Bluebuggs Handmade

Picture this: you open your eyes and jump out of bed. You run to your bedroom door and handing off the door-knob is a stocking filled with presents. If there isn't a more perfect way to wake up Christmas Morning, I don't know what is!  

The magical moment of reaching down into your Christmas stocking to grab that last little present hiding in the 'toes' is captured within these lovely little stockings! 

We are so in love with these itty-bitty stockings! Perfect as a hanging decoration for the tree, these amigurumi socks are simply divine. 

I asked all our Christmas-CAL designers to share some insight for those making their designs. This is what Katt had to say: 

 "[The Inspiration behind my design]....I love handmade things for the Christmas tree. To me, they hold more memories and meaning. [These Christmas Stockings] can be personalised with favourite colours and hold secret surprises. 😉🥰" 

When working on her design, Katt suggests to: 

"count your stitches [and] read the pattern and do what it says." 

She also suggests to: 

"Use a long scrap yarn as a stitch marker to help keep the start/stop seam straight."

Katt's team is: 

 "Frosted for sure! Blue IS my FAVOURITE colour! 💙"
Katt also shared her favorite holiday tradition. She said: 
"Each of the kids have their special tree ornaments they put on the tree. From the ones they got for their first Christmas, to the ones they made at school, they all go on the tree. On Christmas eve we go driving around, hunting for Christmas lights around the neighborhood [and] baking gingerbread men and we all decorate them."
And her most treasured Christmas Memory is:
"As a child we always went to my Grandad's house. The long trip in the car starting 5am from Coffs Harbour to Sydney (BEFORE all the bypasses) in an old Datsan Bluebird with plastic seats and no air con! But when we got there, all the family came together and we had the most magical time.
It was the one time of year I got to be a kid and just do kid things." 
Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful memories and traditions Katt! 
We so look forward to seeing all your amazing Christmas Stockings. Don't forget to share them on our Yarnish Community page as well on Instagram using the tag #yarnishmakes 
Merry Yarning! 
Renee xxx

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