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How many bear puns can I squeeze into a single blog post?

Posted by Reneé Ettia on

Hello Yarnies <3

Who's your beary best-friend? 

Your spouse? Daughter? Son? High-school bestie?

Well, if your best-friend isn't  Mr Bernard Bear, tell them your 'sorry' and you 'didn't mean to hurt them in this way buuuuuutttt, there is a new kid in town and he is totally unbearable!'

Mr Bernard is serious bear-st friend material!! 

I mean just look at that floofy wittle schnoz! Don't you seriously just want to 'boop' it?! 

If you're thinking, 'hey! I've seen this little goosebeary cub before'! Then your pawsitivly correct! Mr Bernard Bear built his little den at Yarnish HQ a few weeks back, but we haven't yet dedicated a whole blog post to him. 

So here he is!

The bearon of all baron, the most ursome as they come, Mr Bernard and Friends. A Yarnish Makes Design by Katt Wade ʕ ᵔᴥᵔ ʔ

These three mammals are waking from their hibernation to the glorious summer-like sun!

The idea of Mr Bernard bear-gan when Katt came across the ever-so-floofy Papatya Softie. As fur as she knew, this particular yarn had an incredible softness to it which would be perfect for a vintage-looking bruin. And Katt was soooo right! 

When I held Mr Bernard for the first time, he truly was as soft as he looks. He instantly reminded me of the old teddy-bears my mother would make. But unlike traditional teddy-bear making, Mr Bernard is rated 'E' for 'everyone'! 

This little bear is a confident beginner friendly pattern, giving even the most newbie amigurumists a chance to create him. He is also a bear-utifully relaxing pattern for our veteran crocheters, who are looking for a project that is quick and bearly straightforward to whip up. 

Back in Feb of this year, Emma wrote up a lovely blog post introducing Katt to the design team. You can read it here

Katt is the proud owner of BlueBuggs HandmadeYou can check out all her amazing goodies, including her previous Yarnish Makes design, Celeste the Unicorn

When looking through Katt's multiple versions of Celeste and Mr Bernard, each one demonstrates amazing tailent, oodles of skill and they all have loads of personality! Katt's trademark is 'pizazz' and they most definitely contain an attractive combination of vitality and glamour!

Her toys are also made with cuddles in mind, they are totally huggable and perfect for snuggling. 

Having previously made Celeste, bearlieve me, Katt's patterns are beary clear and precise. There are lots of pictures to help you if you get stuck. And if that is still a bit daunting, and you're not sure if you can tackle a project like this on your own, Katt was just honoured with the title 'top contributor' on our Yarnish Community Facebook page having commented over 200 times in the last 28 days! That means if you get stuck, post a question, it is totally pawssible she will answer back to you (✿ ♥‿♥)

A bit more about Katt!

Katt is a single mum of 5 children (24, 22, 20, 16 & 7); her eldest son is autistic and her16 y/o has epilepsy. Katt is also a mum to a dog and a rabbit. 

She was taught to knit and crochet long ago, but only focused on it more recently as a means to rehabilitate her broken wrist. 

An amazing matriarchial line of crafters, Katt was taught by her Grandmother, both her grandmothers and her mother! Along with their basics, she taught herself many new skills and found help online. 

So where can I pawchurse this pawsh ursine? 

For your infurmation, Mr Bearnard is available as a kit in multiple colours and flavors. 

Kits for the floofy version can be pawchased here for $30. 

Grizzly Kit contains 2 x Papatya Softie, 1 x Scheepjes Catona, stitch markers, 10mm safety eyes, 1 skein of embroidery floss for sewing together, 2m of embroidery floss for face details plus the detailed pattern in downloadable PDF format.

Kits for the batik version can be pawchased here for $20. 

Batik Kit contains 1 x Papatya Batik, 1 x Scheepjes Catona, stitch markers, 8mm safety eyes, 2m of embroidery floss for face details plus the detailed pattern in downloadable PDF format

Just a small note that both versions of the pattern (Batik & Softie) are the same, just the photography differs.

If you prefer just the pattern, it is available as a PDF for $8. 

Katt's advice is :

"Practice, practice, practice. Don’t be afraid to try something new, even if it doesn’t quite work out at first!"

Her biggest tip to you is:

"Keep a tight tension and READ/DO what the pattern says."

How many puns did you notice? 

Comment below!

Ok, I'll stop now! If you could bearly stand any of my puns, I don't blame you. They are quite teddy-ous arent they? I'm a little embearassed by them actually.... 


Give Katt some love and let me know how many puns you found!! 

Happy Yarning! 



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