If you are unsure of what to make or need a bit of inspiration for your next knitting or crochet project, Yarnish Kits are way to go. Kits are offered as either Bundles or Projects.

Yarn Bundles
These bundles are designed to help you pick the perfect yarn and quantity for each particular project. The patterns are not included as many are from outside sources, but a link to the original pattern can always be found in the description.

The bundles themselves consist of yarn hand-picked by our experts to suit each particular pattern. We match the colourway and product to give you the best possible outcome. We all want those beautifully crafted things we see in the images, this is our way of helping you achieve that.
We are very confident that you will love what you get with Yarnish Yarn Bundles.

An exciting way to find your next project to work your heart into. Unlike bundles, these kits include the pattern. They are also different in that each pattern was designed specifically for the yarns they are sold with, each picked specifically for its high quality and wonderful colours.

Yarnish collaborate with some of the best designers out there and these kits are showing off the best of both designer and yarn.