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Yarn Bookazine - Reef

Yarn Bookazine - Reef

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“Kick off your sandals, dip your toes in the water, sit back in the sunshine and let us inspire you!” - Simy

The theme of this issue of the YARN bookazine is Reef. Although to most of us the vast depths of the ocean remain an intriguing mystery, for the plants and animals thriving in this incredible ecosystem, it is a place of belonging and creating new life. So let us take you on a journey through those vast depths, as YARN bookazine no. 7 celebrates all that lies beneath the world’s waters through four key themes. To begin this journey, we see anemone, showcasing wild unconventional forms and expressive colours. Then watch as we swim towards the gentle sway of a kelp garden, their twisted blades bending and bellowing as if a wind were passing through the waves. We keep on moving, as shimmering beams of light break the water’s surface revealing an intricate coastal reef, finally to see the striking pinky peaches of coral adorning it.