About Yarnish

Yarnish is a family-owned business established in 2016. Aside from our online presence, we also run a boutique-style hobby shop located in Windsor, New South Wales in eastern Australia.

Our main focus is the supply of premium yarn and accessories to the crochet and knitting community. However, the products offered have been expanded to include felting, hand-dying and weaving. We personally research ALL products and only offer what we believe is the best possible quality and value for money. 

As a family-owned business, we always strive to connect with our customers on a more personal level. We care about what we do and it is important to us that every customer, whether connecting with us online or directly in store, have the same personal experience. As a customer you are important to us and we constantly work on ways to ensure you feel that you are, whether it is in the product itself, the way it was packed or its delivery. 

That connection does not end with the sale, we want to continue to connect and that is why we founded Yarnish Community. This Facebook group is more than connecting with our customers, it is also about connecting our customers with each other. To share laughs, ideas and experiences. 

Our weekly unboxing-event "What's in the box?!" has recently taken a bit of a break in order to work out a new format and delivery platform. Yes, you read that right, the videos are coming back :)

But more on that later on. For now, go check out our store - and please never hesitate to let us know if you are missing something you would like to see in the store. Our contact info can be found here.

Have a great day! 

xx  / Nicole & team