Hey Yarnies!

It's Shelby, again. I guess this is my thing now! 

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week of crafting! We are loving all the joy and positivity in the community right now, it's definitely keeping me inspired! 

We have been crazy busy and are still trying to find our rhythm, however, we do have some exciting news to share!

You may already know this, but we are now suppliers of Ashford Handicrafts! I know, I can't be-weave it either! We've all been going a bit loomy in iso, so at least we can fill our time with another hobby! Maybe this one will make a dent in our stash? 

We are currently stocking the Knitters Looms. This is a small rigid heddle loom that is portable! It can fold in half, and comes with its own storage bag - making for easy storage and transport so you can craft on the go! The Knitters Loom comes in 3 widths, 30cm, 50cm, and 70cm - these will all work for a decent-sized scarf/wrap. Of course, you can always make something smaller on a bigger loom! 

*Read until the end for info on different reeds!*

Reneé, mum and I have all been working on a 50cm wide loom - and it's been perfect!

Speaking of Reneé, this is her finished scarf made with Noro Geshi. I. Am. In. Love!!!!!!!! (♥ω♥*) 

Reneé used a 4ply Australian Wool for the warp, and wove with the Geshi! The organic nature of the Noro yarn has given this scarf life and movement! It's totally stunning. I am completely obsessed with this! *more cute kawaii faces for Reneé*

If you were active on Facebook over the weekend, you might have seen our impromptu live stream of mum and I warping up her loom. It's kind of educational, mostly it's for anyone that's so bored they'd rather watch us lunatics (or should I say loomatics). Of course, no video would be complete without Astra's antics!!


See Astra weaving havoc! Maybe he's trying to play loombo? Whatever he's doing, it certainly wasn't helpful!!

But it's okay, we made it! Here is a pic of mum's WIP (inspired by Reneé!)

Mum used 3 balls of Cotton 8 in a natural colour for the warp, and used another beautiful Noro Geshi! (We actually just got some new colours in - so if you haven't seen them - go check it out!)

Of course, weaving is not limited to just Noro yarns! There are so many different things you can do, so many patterns and colour combinations - you are truly free to express yourself! 

The project that actually introduced Yarnish to weaving is Teresa's absolutely stunning Rainbow Wrap! She used 2 Papayta Cakes in colour 209 (It's unfortunately out of stock at the moment but there are many other cakes to choose from! Including Wool Cakes, Silver Cakes and Baby Cakes.)

This is just plain tabby weaving, and yet it is so effective!! This picture doesn't even do the beautiful scarf justice!! Thank you, Teresa, for introducing us to this wonderful craft! 

After seeing what could be achieved with the humble Papatya Cake - I was itching to give it a go myself! 


This is my first attempt at weaving, it's a little bit wonky, and you can see I accidentally went over a few too many threads... but it's all a learning process! Nothing in this world is perfect, so I don't believe that craft should be either! That's just my philosophy anyway! ♥♥♥

I've used Papatya Cake 215 (Christmas Pudding) for the warp, and I'm weaving with Papatya Batik 554-35 (the matching colour in a ball). As the weft rows are much shorter, you still get a decent amount of rows in before each colour change!! I'm hoping at the end it will look like an Autumnal Plaid - but we shall see!

I know there's been a little bit of confusion around the different reeds, and what size works for what yarns. I still have no clue myself! To help us all out, we've actually added a table to the Reed listing (which I have copied below!) This details the different weights of yarn, and what the suitable DPI is.

*DPI means Dents Per Inch - this corresponds to the number of holes in one inch of your reed

The Knitters Loom comes with a 7.5 dpi reed - this is suitable for weight 3 or light-weight yarns (formerly referred to as dk or 8ply).

 Wraps Per Inch Yarn Category Suggested Reed
30 or more 0 - Lace 15 dpi
19 - 29 1 - Superfine 12.5 dpi
15 - 18 2 - Fine 10 dpi
12 - 14 3 - Light 7.5 dpi
8 - 11 4 - Medium 5 dpi
5 - 7 5 - Bulky 2.5 dpi


I hope you found this little blog helpful in some way! Was there anything I missed out? Leave a comment or send us a message, and we will try our best to help you! 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. As always, happy crafting!

- Shelby xoxo 

Here's another pic of Astra 'helping' for good measure!



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