Hello, Yarnies <3

We cannot believe our eyes, your beautiful creations have us swooning. Your enthusiasm and creativity through this CAL has been so memorable, we will definitely ride this 'high' for years to come! 

I think its time to really express our appreciation for our beautiful designers who have contributed to this project. They have made this Yarnish Christmas one to remember <3

Here are the names who brought you this incredible CAL: 

- Emma Wilkinson (Emma Wilkinson Designs);

- Katt Wade (Bluebuggs Handmade);

- Melody Tallon (Artefacts Crochet);

- Reneé Ettia (ShinyGurumi);

- Tegan Howes (Howes the Crochet);

- Natasha Ireland (Buttonnose Crochet);

- Mari Koeck (Gray Day Crochet);

- and Mrs Yarnish herself, Nicole Vesterholm.

Don't forget, show them some love! 'Follow' them and 'like' them on all the appropriate social media, it will totally make their day! 

Ok, let's see what we are making for Day Eleven: 

 🎵 On the Eleventh day of Christmas-CAL, Mrs Yarnish sent to me 🎵

Three perfectly pointed poinsettias, by Natasha Ireland of Buttonnose Crochet

Its Natasha Day!! Today, she not only releases her CAL creation but also very first Yarnish Makes! And to top it off, her Natasha Lola made its debut as well! We are so happy to have her on board :) 

I must admit when Natasha said she was going to make a poinsettia, I asked her 'what's that?'... When she showed me a picture I felt so silly!!! Yup that's right, I was 30 years old when I found out that the Christmas Flower is actually called a poinsettia.... 

But seriously, is there anything more Christmassy that the flower named after this most joyful festive holiday? I think not! The Christmas Flower is the statement piece of our Christmas-CAL. Natasha has made the most perfect ornament; it is so regal and elegant, we are absolutely in love. We know you are going to love making it...or many! 

I asked all our designers to answer a series of questions about there designs and also share their most precious Christmas memories. Here's what Natasha had to say: 

1. What was the inspiration behind your design?

"The poinsettia flower or also known as the Christmas flower. Although the part we call the 'flower' is actually made up of leaves, the flower is hidden at the bottom of the leaves. It is the bright red that always makes me think of Christmas when ever i see one."

2. Any tips or tricks when working on your design?

"Take your time reading each step carefully for the leaves. There are a lot of ends to sew in, but don't worry they are put to good use"

3. What is your advice to beginners?

"Use stitch markers if need be and tick each row/round as you complete it."

4. Are you team Rustic, Merry or Frosted?

"Team frosted and rustic as i love blues and earthy tones."

5. What’s your favorite holiday tradition?

"We really don't have a tradition, but for the last 3 or 4 years, we do put up our Christmas tree up on December 1st. We also like to watch Christmas movies leading up to Christmas."

6. What is your most treasured Christmas Memory?

"As a child I only celebrate Christmas when i was visiting my dad. We always went to my Nan and Pops house for Christmas lunch. They had a white Christmas tree and Nan would would make the best rum balls (she used rum, not the essence) and White Christmas (rice bubbles and white chocolate). Another treasured memory was when my daughter was 6, she screamed with excitement that Santa got her a doll house. Little did she know it took 3 adults, 4 hours and a lot of cursing to put it together 😂 But to see her so excited and happy made my heart glow."

 Thank you so much for sharing Natasha, we love getting to know you more!

We are so excited to see poinsettias blooming all over our Yarnish page. We know they will also ease the blow that this is our second last design! Only one left to go. I wonder what it will be... ;) 

Merry Yarning!




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