Hello Yarnies <3

Welcome to Day Five of the '12 Days of Christmas-CAL'. 

As a child, did you ever eat all your advent chocolates on Day One in the hopes that Christmas would come sooner? This was me! I thought that if I devour all the chocolates at once, Christmas morning would be the very next day! I wasn't always a smart kid....

In saying that, if this CAL was my advent calendar growing up, I would say "you can keep your lousy chocolates, and Christmas can just stay away! I want to keep crocheting forever and ever!"

Seriously though, your gorgeous makes are next level! We are having so much fun seeing all your little creations come to life. Yesterday, we were transported to a beautiful crochet pine forest! Your pine cones were sprouting so much Christmas love and cheer <3 

Today, we have another very special pattern, just for you! You could say that it's the 'catch of your dreams'! hehehe

Let's see what we are making for Day five!  

 🎵 On the fifth day of Christmas-CAL, Mrs Yarnish sent to me 🎵

Three very beautiful Dream-Catchers, by the equally as beautiful Melody Tallon of Artefacts Crochet

Melody has created three individual dream-catchers. Each one has its own individual charm, allowing you to create the perfect custom dream-catcher that you can call your very own. 

For those who have not crocheted some like this before, do not fear! This is a deceptively easy pattern, we are super confident you will absolutely nail it, and have the most beautiful dream-catcher to prove it! 

I asked Melody some questions about her gorgeous designs, as well as some questions about her most treasured Christmas memories. Here's what she had to say: 

What was the inspiration behind your design?

"I was designing dreamcatchers for another project at the time, so I decided to make one more". 

Any tips or tricks when working on your design?

"Don't feel you need to crochet the central motif to the ring - you can just attach it in the usual way if you want to. But make sure the motif is at least 1cm smaller than the ring all around because you need to stretch it to fit the ring: the stretching prevents sagging."

What is your advice to beginners?

"Read each row's/round's instructions carefully before you start working it, to get it clear in your head. If there are stitch counts, check your stitches with them to prevent things from getting out of hand later on!"

Are you team Rustic, Merry or Frosted?

"I really don't like the cold, so Frosted is out, and I get a bit tired of the 'regular' Christmas colours, so it's Rustic for me."

What’s your favorite holiday tradition?

"When my kids were small, our favorite tradition was to watch 'Carols By Candlelight' on TV on Christmas Eve, sometimes while eating mangoes."

What is your most treasured Christmas memory?

"When I was a child, my family would spend Christmas at Lake Conjola on the NSW south coast. On Christmas Day, we would have lunch at my great-uncle's house on the foreshore of the lake, and friends would drop in over the course of the day for a chat and a drink, then after lunch, my sister and I would grab our foam surfboards and paddle with the tide to almost the lake's entrance. A different sort of memory was from 2001: my husband was a paramedic at Warragamba Ambulance Station and was single man (as was normal out there at that time) on Christmas Day. Because it was a quiet area, the kids and I went to join him for opening presents and to have Christmas lunch together. We could see the smoke of the fire across the dam but weren't concerned... Just after lunch, hubby got called out to a job at Bent's Basin, so the kids and I went home. An hour or so later, the fire had jumped the dam and 50 homes and businesses were destroyed, and the road in was cut for a few days - such a sad day for so many."

 Thank you so much for sharing, Melody <3 We are so sorry to hear about your experience all those years ago. Your story would be so similar to so many other Aussies who are facing the terrible fires this Christmas. Our hearts go out to those suffering. We hope our CAL brings some small happiness to you this Christmas. 

We hope you enjoy making your dream-catcher! We cannot wait to see them, hanging so gracefully, in our Yarnish Community Facebook Group.

Merry Yarning <3




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