Hello Yarnies <3

Here we are! Day Four of our '12 Days of Christmas-CAL'! 

So far we have had three amazing days, filled with stockings, stars, and quirky bauble stacks. We have absolutely loved seeing all your beautiful creations, decorating our Yarnish Community Group. 

I really wanted to share some of the incredible makes so far. I wish I could share them all. 

Here are some of the makes from our Yarnish Community Group so far: 

Aneleh Anthony‎

Tegan Ellyse Shepherdson


Larissa Crammond

 Karen Muller

Katt Wade

Michelle Bruce

And Shelby Byron

Ok, now for the moment you have been waiting for!

Let's see what we are making for Day four!  

 🎵 On the first day of Christmas-CAL, Mrs Yarnish sent to me 🎵

Three treasured Pine Cones, by Tegan Howes of Howes the Crochet

When I think of the perfect Christmas, it would HAVE to include driving out to the state forest and chopping down your own Christmas Tree. Growing up, this was a very rare occurrence for my family. However, the few years we did this, Christmas seemed so much more....like Christmas. Our whole house was filled with the sweet smell of pine and I'll never forget how amazing it was! 

So when I first saw Tegan's beautiful Pine Cones, I felt transported. I was transported back to my most favorite childhood Christmas memories. 

These sweet little pine cones are divine. Worked in amigurumi-style crochet, these techniques are sure to bring you so much joy! 

And if you're like me and have increased sensory processing sensitivity, then add a few drops of 'pine oil' to your project and let the beautiful aromas fill your home <3


If you have been following on from the last few blogs posts, you would know that I interviewed our beautiful designers about their projects. Here's what Tegan had to say: 

What was the inspiration behind your design?

I wanted something that was more personal to me while still being Christmassy. Growing up we would collect pinecones and paint them and use them to decorate our tree. So when we were asked to make something for the 12 days of Christmas I knew what I wanted to make.

Any tips or tricks when working on your design?

When doing rows 8, 12 & 16 it will help to turn your work app. 180° for the second part of the pine ‘spikes’.

What is your advice to beginners?

Always count your stitches. Place a stitch marker in the first stitch for each round. And remember it’s okay it your Pinecone isn’t ‘perfect’, no two pinecone are the same, it just adds to the charm!!

Are you team Rustic, Merry or Frosted?

I love the winter feel of Frosted. Growing up I always wished for a “White Christmas" which was NOT going to happen during summer in Queensland, but a girl could dream lol

What’s your favorite holiday tradition?

Decorating the Tree. The kids and I put on Christmas Music and decorate it together (though I do move some of the ornaments later, I just can’t have 2 of the same right next to each other lol). The Angel is always the last thing we put on the Tree and each year they take turns placing it on. Then I get a photo of all 3 kids in front of the Tree.

What is your most treasured Christmas Memory?

Collecting our Christmas Tree each year. I grew up on a 600 acre property so we would always cut down our own trees for Christmas. We would all go out together and choose which one we wanted. Some years we would get a traditional pine tree and others we would go a bit more Australian and get a small Gumtree.

Thank you so much for sharing, Tegan. 

We hope you love your pine cones as much as we do! 

Merry Yarning! 

Renee xxx


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