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Oh my goodness, we are now in the DOUBLE DIGITS! Day ten is upon us, which means that we only have two more designs to go! Is anyone else feeling a sense of grief? I don't know about you, but I will certainly be grieving the loss of this CAL when it's all over. 

Although we have only been crocheting for the past 9 days, it has been months and months and months of hard work to pull together! For us designers, we have had to conceive an idea, bring it to life and write a pattern (which can be a wee-bit stressful at times), but for Nicole and Shelby, this has been a HUGE amount of serious work and dedication!

So much love has gone into this CAL. It is completely appropriate I talk about this now, as this next design perfectly encapsulates the love for this Christmas-CAL. 

 Let's see what we are making for Day Ten!  

 🎵 On the tenth day of Christmas-CAL, Mrs Yarnish sent to me 🎵

Three Heart Baubles, by Emma Wilkinson of Emma Wilkinson Designs.

This is Emma's second design for this CAL, and it is simply perfect! Emma's first design was the lovely Shining Star. You can read the blog post about it here

No home is complete without one of these hanging off the Christmas tree. Another ami-style make, this bauble is super quick and super easy to put together. You can make one for all of your friends and family in a blink of an eye! 

We also think that this would be the perfect accompaniment to a Christmas present for that someone special. I know my little girl's Grandmothers would love one! But shhhh... don't tell them! 

In her previous dedicated blog post, Emma answered my interview questions. I have copied her answers below as well as added all her tips and tricks for this pattern. Here's what Emma had to say: 

When asked what inspired her design, Emma said:

"Am I allowed to say I was encouraged by Nicole :)"

When working on her design, Emma suggests to:

"Stuff [the bauble] really firm!"

When choosing her favorite team, Emma is Team:


Emma's most favorite holiday tradition is:

"I love to cook and bake at Christmas. I don't feel like I'm very adventurous in the kitchen the rest of the year."

And her most treasured memory:

"Instead of an advent calendar, we had little knitted stockings in the Christmas tree, which moved around each day and we had to find them- and the lolly inside!"

Thank you for sharing Emma xxx

We hope you enjoy making your beautiful Heart Baubles!

Merry Yarning <3




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