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I like to think of myself as an easy-going, chill woman. I don't like fuss and I don't like spending an unnecessary amount of time doing something which should only take a few minutes. And I don't mean that in a 'lazy' way. I just like to live easy-breezy! 

I like my yarn like I like my 'Covergirl' make-up: easy, breezy and beautiful! 

And I think I found it, the Covergirl of yarn! The inclusive, all-rounder, perfectly colour-matched, Papatya. 

I feel that Papatya is the quintessential 'best-friend'. You know the kind of friend I'm talking about... The friend that is completely low-maintenance, always thoughtful and never gets grouchy when you don't phone often enough. Papatya is there when you are, dressed and ready to head out at the drop of a hat!

There is no guesswork with Papatya and that's what I love about it. 

This is nature ordinary yarn...

'Papatya' is a sweet little Turkish word meaning 'chamomile or daisy'. This is completely fitting as when together, each ball of yarn looks like charming little perennials waiting to be picked from the garden.

A real hidden stem!

Papatya, and by extension the Cicibebe products, are a range of yarn imported from Usak, Turkey. It is a family-owned yarn manufacturer operating from a single building. They say this is yarn-making in its 'traditional form!', no call centers, no unnecessary millage and warehousing - just one group of dedicated staff working together to create beautiful products. 

So what does that mean for us as consumers? 

We reap all the rewards: high-quality products for an affordable price. 

Papatya was one of the first product lines stocked by Yarnish 3 years ago and, for this very reason, it has been ever-so-popular since it's launch! 

Take it for planted! This is incredibly 'inclusive' yarn:

Papatya has something for everyone. Sporting a wide variety of compositions and blends, this range boasts many beautiful products. From angora to acrylic, from floof to sparkles, from heavy-duty chuck to multi-dimensional colour and EVERYTHING in between.

Also, I mentioned in a previous blog post that my biggest flaw as a human being is my indecisiveness. I am indecisive about the clothes I wear, the food I eat and the colorways I choose for my projects. Having a variety of perfectly matched colours in one ball of yarn = total dream! 

Here is a list of Papatya yarn available at Yarnish: 

The Papatya Batik: multi-dimensional, transitional rich colour, super soft 100% DK 8ply acrylic blend. The perfect 'all-rounder' yarn for a number of knitting and crochet projects;

This ball is also available in: 

- Silver: beautiful rich tones with an oomph of silver for that extra somethin'-somethin', DK 8ply.  

The Papayta Cake: featured in the title picture, this vibrant and variegated yarn takes all the guesswork out of colour-matching! Your project may as well come ready-made! 100% premium DK 8ply acrylic;

These cakes are also available in:

- Angora: Angora and acrylic blend, DK 8ply;

- Wool: Wool and acrylic blend, DK 8ply;

- Silver: Premium acrylic with a dash of silver sparkle, DK 8ply;

The Papatya Softie: The floofiest as they come! And marvelously soft too. Chunky premium acrylic/nylon mix in a vibrant blend of variegated colours with a touch of whitish fluff;

The Papatya Mouline Chunky: 100% super chunky, colourful and variegated acrylic with a twist! 

Beleaf it or not...

There is so much you can do with this yarn! Here are some inspo shots to help get those creative juices flowering ;) 

Mini Moods of Change - Frank O'Randle

The pattern is available on Ravelry here

Cabin in the Woods Crochet Afghan - Lorna Miser

This pattern is available for free here

Tripple Blanket - Nicole Vesterholm

The pattern is available on the Yarnish website here. This pattern uses both the Batik and Silver versions to create this stunning effect. 

Sunset Poncho - Emma Wilkinson

The pattern is available on the Yarnish website here.

Bernard the Bear Batik Version - Katt Wade

The pattern is available on the Yarnish website here.

There is also the Softie Version too! Available here

We plant get enough of these beautiful makes from our Yarnish Community!

All of these creations have been made using Papatya.

Glenda Moyle‎ - Pheonix by Hooked on Sunshine

The pattern is available on Ravelry here

Sue Cashmore - Puppy Jumper modeled by the beautiful princess Bliss

Angie Smark - Willow Square Blanket

The pattern is available here

Michelle Don Secret Paths Shawl

The pattern is available on Ravelry here

And I could not resist sharing this stunning piece of work by our very own: 

Shelby Byron - Kalediscope Star by Mel Harrison

The pattern is available on Ravelry here

I hope you enjoyed this blog post full of Papatya goodness!

Happy yarning! 




  • Renee: September 09, 2019
    Author image

    Thank you so much Lynne and Lesley for your beautiful comments <3

  • Lynne Gibbs : September 09, 2019
    Author image

    I use Papatya Cicbebe / batik etc for the special blankets that I make for patients that need colourful , light , comforting warmth and this yarn works perfectly ! .

  • Lesley Grant: September 07, 2019
    Author image

    I am a big, big Papatya fan! It is such a beautiful yarn to work with and so soft. The colours are brilliant and the results always pleasing. The prices are reasonable and well worth it for the quality you get. From what I can see through my research it is not a yarn readily available in the USA or from many of the big online companies so thank you Yarnish for introducing us to, and providing this lovely yarn.

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