Welcome to Day 5 of the Yarnish Makes Mystery crochet a long! Where busy crocheters can indulge in some selfish Crochet! 

DAY 5:
Scheepjes Catona, 100% cotton 10g / 25 m x 24 balls. – Select one ball from your kit.
Hook size: 4 mm
Gauge: Motif will measure 10 cm at widest point. 1 x 10 g ball will yield 2 motifs.
Today you will be making and joining two motifs as per pattern.

Please refer to the pattern on Day 1.

Each day I have mentioned blocking, but I know not everyone likes to block! (I wrote this before the CAL had started, it seems that many of you are blocking!) Blocking will open up the design and help make the hexagon shape more defined. It may also soften the cotton. You can block as you go – only blocking the new motifs that have been joined.
To wet block, you will need to dampen your motif, either with a spray bottle of water, or gently immerse in water (then remove excess) pin out your motif on a foam board, or folded towel and leave to dry.
To steam block, pin out the motif on foam board or towel first. Then use the steam setting on your iron to thoroughly steam the motif, without touching the iron to the motif. Once the motif has cooled down it will be able to be unpinned.
Steam blocking is faster, as the drying time is almost instant, but it might not always be convenient. If you haven’t blocked your project yet, I would recommend doing so today, and every couple of days, if not daily.
Don’t forget – make today’s hexagons and join them!


You will have 10 joined and blocked motifs – if you have caught up with the extra 3, don’t panic if you haven’t!


Thank you for crocheting a Yarnish Exclusive pattern.  #yarnishmakes on Instagram to have your project featured on our Instagram page @yarnishau.

Emma Wilkinson 2018
No restrictions placed on items made from this pattern. The pattern itself may not be copied in any form.


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