Hello, Yarnies <3

Who can help but hum the effervescent tune of 'Stayin Alive' whenever you think of the national craft tour, Craft Alive? I cannot, that's for sure!  

And it's the most perfect, catchy melody for a perfectly pleasant weekend full of quilting, patchwork, cake decorating, beading, scrapbooking and yes, of course, FIBRE ART! 

I'm totally not biased to say that the yarny fibre stalls were the highlight of the show! In particular, one very specific "Yarnish" stall caught my eye and captured my heart! <3 

Yarnish @ Craft Alive

In case you have never heard of Craft Alive: it is one of the biggest craft events in the country and has just celebrated its 28th year in operation! From Hobart TAS, allllll the way to Cairns QLD, and almost everything in between, Craft Alive features craft designers, teachers and local craft businesses from all over the country. It covers a wide range of crafts, from traditional to modern, and showcases the latest trends and equipment. 

So basically it is the place to be to catch up on all things craft! 

The first Craft Alive show for 2020 was in Yarnish's own backyard as it was situated in Penrith, NSW. So, of course, there was no denying that Nicole and Shelby would be there! 

The show started on Friday the 7th of February and ran for 3 full days. And when I say 'full', I mean 'full'! 

These were 3 jam-packed days of non-stop yarn-filled goodness! The stall was brimming with inspiration, colour and love for all things knitting and crochet! There was so much to see and feel, and there were countless projects to take home and immerse yourself in! 

Here, take a look!

Lola, Papatya and Cahlista, oh my! Everywhere you turned, there was something waiting to be held! 

Our very special Love Birds by Melody Tallon made an appearance. Scheepjes Catona kits were available to purchase, with all sorts of colours to choose from! 

Our first ever Yarnish Makes Garment, the Grace Top by Natasha Ireland, made its first appearance at a craft show. Made from one Sheepjes Whirl and one Whirlette, it was a huge hit among young and old alike! We were so proud of the Grace Top! 

The Bricks and Lattice Scarf made by Nicole herself! This is a free pattern on our blog, which you can find here. It has been made using Papayta Batik 554-16. I had never seen this scarf in person and has now been officially added to my 'queue'! 

Frankie-Lou (designed by me!) was also at the show! I was so excited to see her out-and-about. She has been made with Scheepjes Stonewashed. It was so lovely to give her a big cuddle, I have definitely missed her <3

A special mention... :) 

Did you know that Yarnish is a huge lover of weaving? 

I have secretly (but not so secretly) been obsessing over a tapestry Shelby had made and gifted my little one, Audrey. Made from the beautiful Chunky Monkey, this wall-hanging is a gorgeous work of art. I mean, is there anything more delightful than a pastel rainbow??? 

In the past, Yarnish has offered Weaving Workshops, run by the very beautiful (inside and out!) Julieanne from Fibre Art in Australia. I have been wanting to give weaving a go for so long now. Not only is it a great way to use up precious scraps of yarn from other knitting/crochet projects, but it is a beautiful form of self-expression, not to mention it is totally therapeutic!!

I finally had the chance to sit down with Julieanne and take part in a beginner's class. Here's me looking super focused and totally driven:

Sneaky Shelby took this picture of me being very serious about my learning hehehe I can totally testify that weaving is a beautiful craft, and very relaxing! So thank you soooo much Julieanne for sharing your knowledge and love of weaving <3 

If you want to give weaving a go, you can purchase beautiful weaving kits and accessories from Yarnish here. There is even a beginner's guide written by Julieanne herself! So if you don't know where to start, start there!!

Finger crossed, we may even see some classes happening again soon ;) 

Exhausted, yet totally satisfied!

This weekend was huge but it was absolutely worth every second. Nicole and Shelby tell me time-and-time again how much they enjoy meeting and spending time with their fellow Yarnies at shows! 

However, after a very fun long-weekend, it was time to do the 'not-so-fun' part and pack up. And yup, it was craazzzzyy! There was so much rain falling in Penrith that Nicole and Shelby had to utilise some military-style tactics in order to protect the precious yarn from the torrential downpour. But, like they always do, they managed to make it work and get home safe and sound.

Their dam, on the other hand, was completely overflowing and the house was without power, buuuut they were problems for another day! For Nicole and Shelby, it was time to rest up, because very soon we begin our preparations towards the massive Quilt and Craft Fair in Sydney which is coming up so quickly!! 

These two look like they are ready to nap for a week from all the excitement!

So if you managed to make your way through the crazy weather to the Yarnish Stall at Craft Alive, then thank you! But if you weren't able to make it, or live too far away, I hope this blog post helped you overcome your 'fear of missing out' ... or maybe it made your FOMO worse.... (。-_-。)

Anyway, see you at the Quilt and Craft Fair in June!!





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