Hello Yarnies <3

Can you feel it??? There is warmth in the air! 

The birds are nesting and singing their little morning tunes; the sun is defrosting and feeding the grass; the lizards are scurrying around; and The Block is well and truly into its current season! 

Spring is only around the corner as September 1st steadily approaches ❀‿❀

Although the beginning of September typically signals the beginning of Spring, botanists and other science folk look for another tell-tale sign of this restorative season. This is usually referred to as 'ecological reckoning' (which sounds A LOT worse than it is): 

❀ The blossoming of flora   

So according to science *clears throat and uses official announcement voice*:

I am so pleased to announce, Spring has sprung at Yarnish HQ!  (◡‿◡✿)

Introducing the gorgeous Melody Tallon and her equally as beautiful creation, named 'Down the Garden Path'. Keep reading for pre-order details! 

 Melody is our newest Yarnish Makes Designer. She is the founder of Artefacts Crochet Designs, established in 2009.

An eclectic at heart: Melody's portfolio

When browsing Melody's portfolio of work, you will notice that she loves variety! It is truly refreshing to see someone dabble in lots of different styles and techniques (as it can become ritual/habitual to only stick in one area of crochet!). Melody says that she will often get bored quickly, so to combat this, she will find herself designing all sorts of things. From scarves to amigurumi, as well as shawls, bags, other forms of clothing and throws/afghans. For this reason, Melody's collection of work is so very impressive!

When speaking with Melody about her creations, she recalled a time when she designed a cactus garden as well as a bridal bouquet. Two very different creations, connected by one very talented designer! 

"I find it difficult to decide what to design because there are SO many things that could be made, and I get paralysed by indecision. Set me a creative challenge, however, and you’ve made my day."

I must admit, I was absolutely overjoyed when I was browsing Melody's work, as I noticed a very delicious amigurumi gingerbread houseSilly me didn't make the connection that this was Melody's design when I first saw it last year! I loved this design so much, days before I was due to give birth I crocheted my heart out trying to finish it! 

A bit about Melody:  

Melody was taught to knit by a family friend when she was 8-years old. After that, she taught herself to crochet. As a teen, she then went on to teach her left-handed mother how to crochet - which is a very challenging task, sorry left-handers! 

When asked 'why this craft?' Melody responded: 

"Crochet has always been my fall-back craft. I have enjoyed so many different crafts over the years, but would always intersperse those crafts with bouts of crocheting. I finally decided 20 months ago to focus more on it, because the equipment is minimal and the projects are generally portable". 

A true creative at heart, Melody also diy-d her work area! Her 'work station' sounds so inviting: 

"I crochet in a squishy, newish, two-seater sofa from Ikea that I put together myself. I have my Ikea footstool to prop my feet on (which holds a portion of my yarn stash, and crochet hooks/knitting needles), and my laptop rests on the other end of the sofa. In between me and my lappy, you’ll find my current project and notebook. To my right is my cup of tea, and the telly is across the room (housed in an Ikea tv unit – another item I put together!)"

Melody and her hubby have been married for 37 years. Melody jokes stating that she was 'almost a child bride!' She has three children who are all married: her two boys who live nearby and her daughter who lives in Glasglow with her Scottish husband. Melody is a beautiful grandmother: her eldest son has a 6-year old girl and her daughter is due to give birth to a little girl in October. Melody exclaims she will be in Glasgow for her granddaughter's birth! 

'Down the Garden Path' - Grandma's Garden 

The idea of 'Down the Garden Path' was conceived from Melody's love of beautifully textured crochet throws. It wasn't long before she was eager to make one of her very own! Melody has had experience in quilting, so when designing Garden Path she was eager to utilise similar techniques - namely, creating multiple 'blocks' and joining them together.

She expressed her desire to share a 'theme' or 'story' throughout Garden Path. That's when 'floral' came to mind, and then everything fell into place!

Garden Beds! 

The blocks would be beautiful garden beds, and the borders between them would be the garden paths. 

However, despite these 'eureka' moments, there were a few set-backs along the way. Many 'blocks' didn't quite make the cut, as they just weren't right. The total process took Melody one year, from conception to the final product. 

Nevertheless, the final product is magical! 

Here at Yarnish HQ we are in awe of this beautiful work of art! So much so, it will be featured as a CAL (or crochet-a-long) to celebrate our third birthday! 

We know that you will love it too <3 So please, leave some comments below for Melody! Let her know how amazing she is! 

So how can I get involved in the CAL? 

The CAL begins on the first day of Spring, September 1st. 

Pre-orders are currently open to purchase the kits. There are four colourways currently available: 

Grandma's Garden is the original (as shown) - this contains 11 colours.

There is also Dahlia, English Rose & Hydrangea (6 colours each). 

Each kit will contain 13 balls of Scheepjes Colour Crafter - $91.

You can pre-order here. 

 Artefacts' Social Handles

Eager to see what else Melody creates? Check out her social media below: 

 Who else is bursting with excitement?!

I totally am! (。・ω・。)ノ

I hope you enjoyed this post, featuring our newest designer member! We are so honoured she is part of the team <3

Happy yarning!




  • Renee: August 27, 2019
    Author image

    Hi Natalie! Thank you so much for your lovely words! All Yarnish Makes patterns are written in US terms :)

  • Natalie: August 27, 2019
    Author image

    This is beautiful , I would love to make, will the pattern be in USA terms as well?

  • Christine: August 17, 2019
    Author image

    Your blanket is inspirational ….can’t wait to start this lovely project …Thank you Melody ..🌺🌼🌸

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