Hello Yarnies! <3

It's here! It's finally here!! Spring is here and it has brought with it Part One of our Yarnish Makes BotaniCAL, Down the Garden Path by Melody Tallon! 

Welcome to Part One (✿ ♥‿♥)

We are absolutely captivated by your amazing makes! We wanted to share them on our blog for the whole world to see! 

Here are the Part One makes from our Yarnish Community: 

Moni Allen - Hydrangea 

Karen Chapman - English Rose

Karen was the first to finish her center bloom! She completed it in under 8 hours. Well done Karen!!!

Casey Macaulay - Grandma's Garden

Sara Donoghue Edwards - Dahlia in progress

Robyn Tatnell - Hydrangea

Erin Louise Burt - Dahlia

Aren't they just divine ♥‿♥ 

It isn't too late to participate in our CAL. There are 6 weeks left but you can join in the fun anytime! You can purchase the pattern and kits here

We are so looking forward to seeing these gorgeous gardens sprout more beautiful blooms. 

Happy Yarning!



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  • Emma : September 04, 2019
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    They all look so great so far! Well done Melody on such a great pattern!

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