Hello Yarnies! <3

We are nearing the end of our BotaniCAL marathon and nothing can stop us now! We see the finish line and we are making amazing progress <3 Not even Rozeta can tempt us to put our hooks down and swap for a shiny new project! 

This week, not only did we see some very beautiful puff flowers, but also glimpses of finished quilts!

Welcome to Part 6: 

 Here are some beautiful pictures from our Yarnish Community: 

Casey Macaulay - Grandma's Garden

Casey's quilt! 

Mellanie Jayne - English Rose

Emma Wilkinson - Who has turned her center bloom into a cushion!

Leanne Stone - Grandma's Garden

 Lisa Griffiths - Hydrangea

Moni Allen - Hydrangea 

Gab Donnelly‎ - Grandma's Garden


Vicki Fritz - Grandma's Garden

Well done everyone! They are all looking amazing :) 

See you in the final Part!  



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