Hello Yarnies <3

To be honest, I am totally lost for words. Seeing all the spectacular BotaniCAL quilts, I have been in total and complete awe! All I can say is 'wow'! 

Because of you <3

At Yarnish HQ, we are so impressed by your beautiful makes, whether you have crocheted the last picot or are still working on the center bloom, we are blown away! 

This has been a long road. When you begin a CAL, you start with a huge level of enthusiasm. The thought of starting a new project, feeling all those beautiful un-worked balls of yarn, receiving the prelude - it all feels so magical in those first few hours of any long project.

But....We aren't new to the crochet game, we know this feeling can be tested. Miscounting stitches; not having the time to crochet due to demanding kiddies and hubby; seeing your fur-baby run off with a completed block! The stress of doing a CAL is totally real! We get it. 

I think the most amazing aspect of any CAL, separate to holding your beautiful completed work, is the sense of comradery and mateship (or womanship!) as you work on a mutual project. We saw our community really come together and help one another and it was beautiful to see. 

So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you, our beautiful Yarnies, for making our first Crochet-Along so special and magical. 

This was an epic journey, but every stitch was so enjoyable because of you. And you know what they say about long journeys: 🎵 just keep stitching, just keep stitching! 🎵

So here they are, some of the completed BotaniCAL quilts from our Yarnish Community. 

Welcome to Part 7:

Mellanie Jayne - English Rose

Vicki Fritz‎ - Own Colourway

 Kat Higgins - English Rose 

Gab Donnelly - Grandma's Garden 

Moni Allen - Hydrangea

Lisa Griffiths‎ - Hydrangea 

Jan Whitfield‎ - Hydrangea and English Rose


Congratulations to our amazing Yarnies who have completed the BotaniCAL! To all others who are still going (me included!), keep going! We cannot wait to see your finished quilts <3

If you want to purchase the pattern for this project, or are looking to buy the kit (it comes in four colourways!), then click here

The biggest ever congratulations to Melody Tallon who designed the BotaniCAL project, Down the Garden Path. We hope you hold your head up high, this project was absolutely marvelous and we are so happy to have it in our Yarnish Makes family. 

And just like that, our BotaniCAL posts are all over. I hope you enjoyed these regular updates. Not long now and we will be starting our next CAL: The 12 Days of Christmas-CAL! See you there!




  • Melody : November 25, 2019
    Author image

    Everyone did such a wonderful job and I am so impressed and amazed. It’s not the easiest of projects and requires a bit of determination at times, but I hope the feeling of accomplishment was apparent for everyone who completed a new block, especially with the learning of new stitches/techniques. Thank you, too, Yarnish, for the honour of designing the project for your special 3rd birthday CAL!

  • Vicki Fritz: November 25, 2019
    Author image

    Thank you Melody Tallon and Nicole and Shelby for all your help and support through this CAL. I loved every minute. I’m so happy with the whole look of my blanket.

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