Today we welcome our latest designer to join the Yarnish Design Team.

Tegan Howes, who is known online as 'Howes the Crochet' 

You can find here on instagram via this link. 

Keen eyes will notice that Tegan was the designer of the Peek-A-Koo scarf, and we now welcome the 'Choose Your Path' sister shawls to the Yarnish family. There are two versions of the Shawl - the Puff and the Popcorn!

Click this link to find both PDFs to instantly download

Choose Your Path uses one 300g Lola, like the Allium pictured in both samples, or can be made with a Whirl! 

Tegan says she 'loves the idea of crocheters being able to make a pattern that suits their own style. You can make this completely your own, and I’ve taken all the guess work out for you. I can’t wait to see where your Path takes you!'

A little about Tegan is that she is a mum of three from the Sunshine Coast of QLD. She grew up on a 600 acre property in the beautiful Mary Valley (the property has been in the family for 4 generations).

Tegan was taught to crochet by her Mother in Law at age 31, and she began designing around 18 months later. Tegan's Grandmother and Great Grandmother were both avid crocheters, and Tegan has some cherished pieces made by them. Another creative outlet of Tegan's is cake decorating! 

Thanks Tegan, for joining the Yarnish Team! 


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