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Since its launch, our latest Yarnish Makes pattern has us babbling wordless, crazy nonsense (in a melodic fashion, of course)! We cannot stop scatting, bopping and jiving to the tune of the 'Jazzy Clutch', by Melody Tallon of Artefacts Crochet

For her latest Yarnish Makes pattern; Melody has created this beautiful crocheted clutch purse/hook case. She has used three balls of Scheepjes Cotton 8 (4-ply sport weight 100% cotton yarn) and three super sweet, functional buttons to add that all-important 'finishing touch' to the clutch! 

We absolutely love the simplicity, yet enthralling nature of this design. This purse design is so charming and intricate, yet super simple to achieve (once you know how it's done!). The geometric use of the 'long stitches' is so exciting! There is so much energy and movement, yet balance in this design (kind of like a Jazz tune hehehe)!

If you're looking for something different to do, whether it be for a Chrissy present or for a sneaky gift to yourself, you are going to love working on this pattern. 

Not only is this pattern a joy to make, but it is super economical too! Melody has only used 71g of the total 150g of the three balls! Depending on your tension and gauge, you could potentially make two purses from your three balls. 

 Or.... instead of two purses, how about a purse and a matching glasses case? 

If the clutch was the 'lead' in this musical production, then the case would be the 'ensemble' <3

Due to the 'yarn-economy' of this pattern, Melody decided to write a pattern for a matching glasses case. And we are so glad, a star cannot simply be 'super' without its supporting cast! 

I asked Melody what the inspiration was behind her design. She said: 

"I had discovered the long single crochet (also known as the elongated single crochet, or spike stitch) almost two years ago, but didn’t really know what to use it for, because it makes a stiff fabric that doesn’t lend itself well to draping. When Emma Wilkinson [Yarnish Design Team Leader] just happened to mention that Yarnish was interested in a clutch purse pattern, I knew I had just the right technique to make something fun and interesting."

If you're familiar with Melody's knitted and crochet art, then you would know that she loves variety. She dabbles in lots of different styles. And the Jazzy Clutch is no exception! Melody has never really stuck to one 'area of crochet', she says that she will often become bored quickly, so to prevent this she experiments with lots of different techniques and designs. 

This pattern is a very beginner-friendly pattern. But for those who need a little more of a gentle nudge, then here is some advice from Melody: 

"Be aware that with the long single crochet, the spot that the hook is inserted may be slight to the left or to the right (rather than directly below) where you would insert the hook for a regular single crochet. This is because most people crochet with stitches that lean slightly, and when you turn the fabric in each round, every second round is tilted slightly. Look at the rounds above or below to find the right spot, or count over the correct number of stitches from your closest ordinary single crochet to determine the right spot. Also have a good look at the photo tutorial!"

 Melody offers more of her very wise wisdom: 

"There is no wrong way to hold your hook! I taught myself to crochet as a child from looking at drawings in pattern books which showed how to make the stitches but didn’t show how to hold the hook. As an adult, I discovered I held the hook THE WRONG WAY! Shock, horror!!! I tried to change my grip but it was way too late – I was comfortable with the way I held it and it worked for me: I could fly along quite quickly and I didn’t have any pain from long periods of crocheting. In the last few years, people have finally begun to understand that it doesn’t matter how you do it; if it works for you and you can do it for reasonable periods without pain (apart from previous problems, of course), then hold it how you like.
Along with this, though, is to also use hooks with a good grip – not the thin-shafted aluminum style, but hooks with thicker grips. Personal preferences will vary as to whether a softer or firmer grip is more comfortable, but be sure that there is something substantial to hang on to, especially if you have an overhand (knife) grip as I have."
The Jazzy Clutch is now available at Yarnish. You can purchase the pattern, a downloadable PDF or you can purchase the kit. 
Kits are $22 and include, 3 x Scheepjes Cotton 8, 3 x buttons, darning needle plus the detailed pattern in downloadable PDF format. 
You can purchase here
In addition to the original colourway, which we have named 'Jazz', we have a whole bunch of other musical numbers to satisfy all your show tune desires! Including the 'Bop', which is my personal favorite, suprise surprise! 

This is Melody's second Yarnish Makes pattern. Her first was the super successful, Down the Garden Path, a gorgeous crocheted quilt. This was the pattern used for our first Crochet-Along, BotaniCAL. 

You can purchase the pattern and kits here

Congratulations to another very beautiful design Melody! We cannot wait to see what you do next!

Happy yarning :) 




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