Hey Yarnies! It's Shelby here again!

Last week I showcased a couple of my *favourite* amigurumi designers, and patterns that I think will suit our newly stocked Yarn and Colors Charming. If you missed it, you can have a read here.

Today I'm going to show off a few cute knits that I found in my searches! 

Please note, I am not a knitter myself, I've selected these patterns purely for their *cute factor*!! 

First up is Esther Braithwaite. She is a Canadian Knit Designer specialising in a type of doll known as 'Izzy Dolls' - but I'll talk about them later!

Nicole came across her patterns on Ravelry, and let's just say she fell in LOVE!!

Using my tiger scraps, Rory the Tiger is pictured above, and the Forest Friends Dolls Bundle - Nicole made this absolute cutie! The actual knitting took one night, and the next evening she sewed up all the details! A super quick knit, super beginner-friendly, and super frugal in terms of yarn usage! 

 Isn't this little guy just the sweetest??

These dollies are constructed by knitting a long tube, changing colours as you go. Some designs include little features like a cabled sweater - but these things are totally optional!

Here is Mr Fox before he was stuffed + sewn. (I know, that sounds a bit morbid >.<)

It's such a clever technique! Esther has many other dolls and creatures available too, so you could fill a whole ark up! 

Animals include More Forest Friends, Jungle Buddies (yep this includes a tiger!), Teddy Bears (FREE), Bunny Friends and the standard Izzy Doll design (also FREE).

The next designer is Julie Williams aka the @bunnyknitter. Her designs were first shown to me by Nana Yarnish, who made the cutest little rabbit family using all different fibres. I imagine they would be stunning in Y+C Charming!

The pattern Nan used was for the 'Small Rabbit'. But if you look at Julie's other designs, she has plenty of variations to make different animals - PLUS many different outfits to choose from, to make your toy completely your own! 

Totally versatile, with plenty of vintage charm <3 

My favourite 'outfit' has got to be these cute little dungarees!!! 

Wouldn't these be awesome in Ella Rae Denim DK?

Lastly, I wanted to share a designer that has a bit of a different style. Rachel Borello Carroll is another knit designer, but her designs feature a bit more realism. She has so many gorgeous animals to choose from - I'll be putting in my own request list to Mum once I hit post! 

She has lots of gorgeous designs to choose from, including many cute artic and aquatic animals - seals, puffins, polar bears, narwhals, seahorses and even stingrays! But the pattern that caught my eye (and stole my heart) is the little 'Owlentines'.

Yes, I may have squealed when I saw that fluffy one!! 

Look at how different yarns can totally change the way something looks! You can really see the little heart face on the darker owl. Y+C Charming would definitely be PERFECT for this baby bird. But if you, like me, are OBSESSED with the fluffy one, and need one for yourself... (YES, yourself! There is no way I'd trust a kid with something that cute!! *insert laughing emoji here*)Scheepjes Furry Tales would make the most perfect fluffy owl!!! 

I hope you're feeling inspired after that read, I know I sure am! I am frantically typing to get this finished, so I can go and pick up my hook again!! 

I wish that everyone is doing well and keeping busy with their crafts! I will speak to you all very soon! <3

Hugs, Shelby xoxo


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