Hi, Emma here. Bringing you the latest in my Cicibebe Fruit Cup Fade blanket. You might have noticed a name change - the working title was a bit long - so the team and I have settled on the official name of Fruit Cup Fade. 

Here is the 5th section of the Fruit Cup Fade blanket - BLUE! It is a corner to corner moss stitch blanket I'm making as part of the Yarnish rainbow Challenge. If you need a recap - find the other sections linked below:

(See this post for more info on the rainbow challenge)

This section uses 'Blueberry' in Cicibebe sprinkles #595-02. So far I've used 1 ball of each of Raspberry #595-10, Mango #595-11, Banana #595-04 and Lime #595-08
This section will be the last that uses the two row repeat throughout. 
Pattern Repeat even rows: Ch 3, (sc, ch 1) in each ch-1 sp across, (sc, ch 1 sc) in ch-3 sp, turn.

Pattern Repeat odd rows: Ch 3, (sc, ch 1) in each ch-1 sp across to last ch-1 sp, sc in last ch-1 sp, sl st in ch-3 sp, turn.

(remember: the 1st sc of each row is in the chain space between the increase stitches, OR after the (sl st, sc) make sure you don't miss it.)

Join new yarn by undoing previous stitch by one step, and replace with blueberry yarn. Do not cut yarn between colour changes until instructed

Row 192 - 195: Work four rows in Blueberry

Row 196 - 197: Work two rows in Lime 

 Row 198 - 220: Work 22 rows in Blueberry.

Fasten off Lime Yarn, but reserve Blueberry for next section. 

Weave in any spare lime ends.

Part 5, Rainbow Blanket

Part 5, Rainbow Blanket (2)


  • Emma Wilkinson: August 20, 2019
    Author image

    HI Sharon – yes one ball for each section.

  • Sharon Eagling : August 20, 2019
    Author image

    Is it just one ball of each colour?

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