Before I begin, I want to pay my respects to the Aboriginal people, the traditional owners of the land on which we live. I also want to recognise what today represents to those people.

Hello Yarnies! I made a cool thing and thought I would give Reneé a day off, and write my own blog! So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ramblings of a clumsy craft lady!

Many of you already know that I’ve spent the last month in Europe. While I had the most amazing time, it always feels so good to come back home. Being away has really cemented why I love this country so much, we really do have some of the friendliest people! We have a real sense of mateship, and that has become even more apparent in the last few months.

We are all well aware of the terrible fires that have turned our country into a land of ash and smoke. In these dark times, there has been one shining light - everyone has rallied together to do ‘their bit’. From the volunteer firefighters to the animal rescue teams, as well as all the admin people in between. And then there’s us. The crafty ones who made so many pouches and nests for injured wildlife that the organization ran out of storage space. The ones who raised funds by selling patterns as well as finished items.

(Pictured is Reneé's Fire Fighting Heroes. The pattern is available here.)

It absolutely warms my heart to see everyone coming together, working towards a common goal - making the world a little bit brighter. This is what being Australian is all about.

It's been sooo hard to be away while the country is in such a time of need. Even though there’s nothing I can physically do to fix anything, I still had this feeling that I was abandoning everything. Now that I’m back, I really wanted to do SOMETHING to help. Many members of the Yarnish Community and our Yarnish Design Team have already contributed greatly to the cause.

Now it’s my turn!

There are already so many animal patterns out there, what can I do that’s a little bit different? That’s when it hit me. What’s more Australian than going to a certain hardware store on a weekend and getting a certain tasty lunch??

I can remember being dragged out of the house to get various tools, but the only way I was getting in the car was if I was promised I could have a sausage sizzle when we got there!

The humble sausage sizzle was a term that was coined in the 80s, and it’s something that has become synonymous with Aussie culture. (Seriously, you can get shirts with sausage sizzle prints on them!) 

Typically, a sausage sizzle is held to raise funds. Often for local community groups such as sport teams, but they can be held for any kind of charity event.

Now, I’m sure you can all guess where this is going! I thought that Yarnish should throw their very own sausage sizzle, and yes this one is GLUTEN FREE and VEGETARIAN!

I have written this super cute sausage sandwich pattern - complete with all the trimmings, and it will be available to you for $5. The proceeds will be donated to WIRES. They are an animal rescue charity that does amazing work rescuing and rehabilitating native animals all year round. Their mission really means a lot to me, and after the recent catastrophic events, they need all the help they can get!

You can read more about all the amazing work that they do here.

(Photo by David Clode on Unsplash)

I used Scheepjes Cahlista to make my Sizzlin' Snag, in colours 105, 505, 254, 115 and 179. You are not limited to this yarn, of course. Below I will show the yarn that was used by my amazing testers! 

Reneé used Scheepjes Catona from her stash. Being an amigurumi maker + designer, she already had all the colours that were required! 

Nicole aka 'Mrs Yarnish' aka 'Mum' also made herself a snag! She cut up a Papatya Cake (colour 214 Black Forest). Wasn't it just the perfect colour?

Mum's looks like a wholemeal sausage sandwich, so if you are looking for an option with more fibre, Papatya Cake is the way to go! You could even make a sparkly Sizzlin' Snag if you like!

Hook sizes for the different yarn weights are in the PDF Pattern. 

I assume you want the link to purchase the pattern? You can get that here!

Thank you all for reading, and thank you in advance for your donations! I'm so happy to be able to do my little bit, and hope it also brings some smiles along with it!

Happy Australia Day, and happy yarning!

Much love,
Shelby  ^.^


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