Blue month is starting! As 'Green' finishes on the 4th of August, we get ready to begin the blue portion of the rainbow challenge on the 5th.

To see the original post on the Rainbow Challenge - click here.

Blue runs from the 5th to the 25th of August.

Yarnish is not just a yarn shop! Some blue accessories include the premium button trio

and the faux fur pom pom! 



Now, to yarns - 

New to us - Noro silk garden. Kanazaaa goes from a rich deep blue, to a purple and back to a turquoise green

Scarfie has been so popular this winter, and it's no surprise as it makes a quick, thick and warm scarf, the Navy and SIlver colourway is perfect for the blue challenge. 


Papatya Batik is one of our favourite acrylic yarns, and has several blue options, including #10 and #19 

Papatya Batik #19 also comes in a silver version! 


For cotton lovers, I don't think you can go past Milano cotton. Avaliable in Royal Blue (above and also as a Powder Blue) 

And finally, the Papatya SIlver Cake in 'Belle' 

I hope this has given you some inspiration for the blue challenge, and remember, these are just suggestions, and you can use any blue Yarnish Yarn to enter!

Thanks for reading!




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