Hello Yarnies! <3

I’m still very new at Yarnish, there is sooooo much to learn! And if you’re new like me, you probably didn’t know that: even though Yarnish operates primarily online, there are special days which you can visit Nicole and Shelby and shop at Yarnish HQ!

Situated in the stunning rural catchment area of Western NSW, in a small village of Mulgoa, Yarnish HQ has everything you need for a healthy injection of inspiration.

Fun fact! The village of Mulgoa is named after the indigenous inhabitants of the area, who spoke the Dharug language. The name is believed to mean ‘black swan’.

From the tall trees rocking in the wind, the cool fresh air filling your lungs, the kangaroos hopping in the distance, Yarnish HQ sits like a beacon of tranquillity waiting to fill your soul with yarnful goodness!

You will never leave with an empty bag or a mind empty of ideas, there truly is something for everyone.

It's important to note that not every day can be ‘open day!’ Open days are special, remember? 😉

Open days happen most Fridays and select weekends. Check out the very useful calendar here to find out when the next open day is occurring. The calendar also features many other Yarnish events!

If you’re sitting anywhere than Sydney, you probably have the biggest sensation of envy right about now... to our faraway friends who aren’t able to take a leisurely country drive to HQ: I’ve got your back, don’t worry! Scroll down for some beautiful inspo shots, so you can feel like you’re among the ladies at Yarnish.

Ever wonder where your Yarnish yarn comes from? Right here (*°ω°*)


Happy Yarning <3




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