One of the most asked questions we get is 'What can I make with one ball?" - and that is often asked in relation to the 'What's in the Bag?' mystery bags. If you haven't seen our mystery bags - you can check them out here at this link. 

We put together a list of ideas you can make from one ball, and here goes; a collection of free and paid patterns:

Some of our Yarnish Makes patterns can be made, or altered to use one ball.

Twinkle Twinkle - can be made in one colour- and one ball of any of your favourite yarnish fibres

Wildflower Necklace - while the original calls for three colours, you can go rogue and go montone! Great for any cotton. Same for the Getaway Spa set

Thistle beanie- designed to use one ball of Softie, it can also be made with one ball of Mouline, or one ball of Melange! While we're talking about Mouline, we can't go past the Confetti headband

The Yarnish Square uses one candy, the Doily festival bag- one Milano cotton ball.

And of course - the Painterly scarf - designed to use one ball of Papatya Batik!

What else can be made with one ball of Papatya? The easy fit mitts and copper beech scarf look perfect! 

I found a few patterns that would be perfect for the Angora Papatya cakes! Sugar Plum Shawl, Voulex Vous shawl and Light From Within.

I can't forget the knitters - a few patterns that caught my eye are:

They all use less than 300 m of yarn, and most use an 8ply or equivalent.

Thanks so much for reading today, this is by no means an exhaustive list. I've only included a few of the many patterns in my research for this post, so it may become a semi regular feature on the blog! 

Edited to add: One of our wonderful community members; Simone, has come up with the hashtag #101usesforwitb - 101 uses for what's in the bag- If you have made a one ball project and want to share it on instagram, we'll be following this hashtag! You can follow Simone on her instagram here, and don't forger to follow the Yarnish account here! 


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