Hello Yarnies! <3

Yarnish made it to Tamworth! The long-awaited CraftAlive Show finally arrived and we couldn't be happier! 

Before I get into all the yarny fun, click on this link to listen to Neil Anthony's song about Tamworth! Seriously, its the perfect mood music for this post and I urge you to listen while you read!! I'm hooked (excuse the pun!) <3

An adventure? Alpaca my bags!

It felt like an eternity, Nicole and Shelby had been super busy packing for weeks. Even with Emma's two additional hands, it was a mammoth task. Remember this gem-of-a-pic from a few week's ago... This is Shelby's 'packing' face!

But they finally made it through the mountain of stock and hit the road early Thursday morning. Our Yarnish Mascot, Popcorn, claimed the luxury business class seat (naturally!), and Shelby participated in the most favorable road-trip activity, crocheting in the car!

The trip was long, and in typical NSW fashion, there were road-works for miles! Arriving late afternoon, rather than midday as planned, Nicole and Shelby only had 3 hours to set up before being booted out of the showground. Tempers rose and curse words were explored but this is all part of the Yarnish 'fire, heat, and passion!' The end result? An absolutely perfect stall! 

It was three glorious days of yarn-filled goodness. Nicole and Shelby did a fabulous job at organising every little detail to make sure that our Tamworth friends could experience the best Yarnish there ever was <3

From the perfectly ornamental mountain of yarn at the stall to the heavenly weaving classes, there was so much to see and do! (It definitely left us non-Tamworthian's green with envy...). 

Nicole was even reunited with her long lost twin, Kimberley Fisher v(=∩_∩=)フ I'm normally a pro a 'spot the difference' and even I can't tell who's who! 

Our amazing #YarniesofTamworth were so incredibly supportive and even shared their awesome hauls from the show:

Amelia Leach

Simone De Bonis

Kimberley Fisher

Casey Macauley

Lyn Messing

And take a look at these beautiful weaves made from Shelby's weaving class! 

Louise Rowling


Amelia Leach


A coffee and a good ol' yarn!

After three amazing yet extremely exhausting days, Nicole and Shelby met with our Tamworth Friends for a coffee and a chat. The first-ever Yarnish Tamworth After Party was held at The Garden Shed and it could not have been more wonderful! 

You can see it in their faces; it looked so nice to sit down in a relaxed environment and have a chitter chat about all things yarn!

Nicole and Shelby have been raving on about this gorgeous cafe since they left. They said the venue was so welcoming and relaxed and the coffee was superb!

Nicole also mentioned that it was lovely to meet and hang out with our Tamworth Friends. Most of the ladies brought their beautiful creations along with them, some for show-and-tell and others for pattern support. The location also gave Shelby the opportunity to take some fabulous photos of the groups WIPS.

And then it was time to return home.

Nicole and Shelby said their reluctant goodbyes and headed home for Sydney. However, not before taking the ultimate detour to Nundle to visit the Nundle Woollen Mill, but more on that later. 

Tamworth, you have been fantastic!

 Echoing Nicole's words from WITB: 

"Thank you, Tamworth! Shelby & I were blown away with the tremendous reception we received from our lovely Yarnies. It would have to be the best show we have had so far!"

There are so many blessings to living on this big, beautiful island of ours. However, sadly the 'big' in that statement also means that we sometimes live far away from our friends and family. Although it may be a little while until Yarnish is in Tamworth again, with the wonders of the internet, we can feel like we are together each day, crocheting and knitting beside one another. 

Catch you on the flip-side*!

*and by flip-side, I mean the Yarnish Community Facebook Group! O(≧▽≦)O





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