I thought I should get onto catching up with my blog posts - so I will start with my latest WIP - the gorgeous Cloudberry Blanket by Johanna Lindahl @ Mijo Crochet. This pattern is simple, and yet so effective. I love that it is hexagonal, it is always nice to work on something different.

I have used Patons Big Baby 4ply, which is a premium blended yarn that is ultra soft, and machine washable. This makes it the perfect choice for baby blankets.

Colours used are white, stone and light blue - double stranded - so that I can create my own gentle colour change. To replicate this colour transition, work the rounds as follows:
Rounds 1-6: 2 strands of white
Rounds 7-9: 1 strand white, 1 strand stone
Rounds 10-12: 2 strands of stone
Rounds 13-15: 1 strand stone, 1 strand light blue
Rounds 16-18: 2 strands of light blue
Rounds 19-21: 1 strand light blue, 1 strand white
then follow the above sequence, changing after every three rounds. I have worked with a 5mm Addi Swing crochet hook, which is my go to for 8ply projects.
This is still a work-in-progress - round 25 and counting ...


Happy Stitching,

Nicole @ Yarnish x



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  • Mandy Norfolk : November 30, 2018
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    Nicole.. this is so pretty 💕 and your work is so good.

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