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It finally happened! Mrs Nicole Yarnish bid us adieu and set off for the strait sea bound for Tasmania! The 'Celebrity Solstice' departed Sydney Harbour on Sunday, and took with her a crazy bunch of yarn enthusiasts. And although Yarnish HQ was slightly gloomy yesterday (Emma, Shelby and I were feeling a large hole in our hearts), we could not be happier to see Nicole soak up the sun and sea (she really deserves it!). I mean, does this face not radiate 'relaxation'???! (✿ ♥‿♥)

And yes, the infamous boot was brought onto the cruise too hehe

So tonight's episode of WITB was a little different from normal. With Nicole away cruising, Shelby was left to 'woman the ship' on her own! And seriously, she is doing brilliantly! If there was ever a person to have things under control, it's our Shelby! 

But in saying that... there were a few moments Shelby looked like she was having a bit too much fun!!! *Bob Seger begins to play*

Kerri Nosworthy - our WITB comedian - was the director of this short clip! Thanks, Kerri, you're incredible and sooooo amazing! You make us laugh out loud every week! 

Let's jump in....

Sit back, relax and enjoy tonight's rundown of....

Shelby was on her own tonight, but she was receiving soooo much love from the comments! 

Special Appearance by Nicole! 

Let's face it, Nicole can never miss a WITB! So we should have seen it coming, but nevertheless, what a beautiful surprise to see this face pop up!

Nicole joined in for a sneaky chat, but not before we were made to feel super jealous with a panoramic view of the sea! 

Who do you identify with the most? Shelby or Nicole? After seeing all of Nicole's amazing pictures....I'm totally feeling Shelby... ( ´_⊃`)

Nicole did her own little show and tell, despite Shelby reminding her: 'Mum, I have a script'! But that didn't stop Nicole from showing off all her goodies! From hand-dyed hanks to handmade crochet hooks, Nicole cleaned up in Hobart! 

 Then there were the many attempts to hang-up, which was entertaining in itself! Oh, the wonders of technology! 

Ultimate Rainbow Challenge Winner (✿ ♥‿♥)

Let's not delay in revealing the Ultimate Rainbow Challenge Winner.... *drum roll*

Its a bit blurry because Shelby was waving! But here is the reveal: 

Congratulations Angie!

Angie receives this big beautiful bag of Lion Brand Crayola Yarn.

Sadly, Angie can't pick her prize up on Friday as we are not open due to power maintenance. But they will be here for you, promise Angie! 

Funny story: at the previous open day, Angie was eyeing off the 'Ultimate' prize. She mentioned to Shelby that this prize was actually hers and she will be back to pick it up! Well, Angie, you were right, this prize was yours!! 

Angie made the most beautiful rainbow creations, but I won't share here as we will have a special blog post dedicated to her rainbow-makes! 

Shut happens!

Friday 1/11 we are closed! We will have no power :( Sorry about any inconvenience this has caused. We are open this Sunday (3/11) AND next Friday (8/11)


Stitch Marker Set - Assorted Colours $10, 8 beautiful colours in a click-case (these hard cases are cat-proof!)

Modern Heirloom Crochet Pattern $7.50 - patterns for a crochet bedspread, cushion and bolster. Recommended 8 ply cotton. 

Crochet Garden Throw Pattern $9 - these sold out pretty quickly last time so don't wait! I was able to grab myself a copy before they went and I'm super happy! This quilt would also look amazing in Cahlista Yarn :) 

Knit Pro Symfonie Interchangeable Needle Deluxe Set $110 - eight needles from 3.5mm to - 8mm. Beautiful smooth hooks. There are only 2 available at the moment. 

Patons - Sierra 8ply $10 - 80% acrylic, 20% wool, 150g, 375m similar to Crypto and Roll with it Melange. A beautiful array of colours in each ball, and 8 prints to choose from. This yarn would look beautiful made into a jumper.

Cue the...

Sierra Season Knit Pattern $10 - gorgeous knitting patterns perfect for Sierra yarn! Only three booklets are available! 

Lion Brand - Hand Dyed Heaven $11.50 - 70g, 160m, we have all the colours available, along with some new ones. This yarn is beautiful!! They are 100% nylon, and so so soft! 

Clover Amour - individuals & sets (YAY!!!!)

Regular Sets: $74.00 - you get 9 hooks in total on a squishy stand! 

Steel Sets (teeny tiny hooks!) $65.00 - these come with the little caps to protect the tips. 

Individuals starting at $10.00 (we have nearly every size in stock including 2.25, 2.75, 3.25 & 3.75)

New @ Yarnish 

Sierra Season Knit Pattern $10 - as mentioned before!

Learn To Crochet $12 Book - this might not be useful to many of you, but maybe you're trying to convert someone you know to the dark side! Annnnd, this book shows you how to crochet left-handed, with photos!! Shelby was super excited about this! This book also includes five easy patterns including a spa cloth, a scarf, cowl ripple throw and more. 

Clover Double Ended Stitch Holders (small & medium) $8, this unique design allows you to move stitches from either end of the holder to keep them safe and secure when not in use.

Clover Circular Stitch Holder (Long) $9, a set of two, this stitch holder with its soft, pliable cord is a convenient way to store your circular work. The stitch holder has been designed for holding several stitches at once and keeping your stitches in place. It is adjustable with a stopper.

Prym Ergonomic Crochet Hook size 3.00mm $9 - inline hook is perfect for amigurumi! This hook has a lovely rubber handle for comfort, and the tip is the same size as the neck so that you can maintain nice and even stitches for your amis!

Iris Nylon Thread Size 18 - $14.50, this was a custom order for Kerri who wanted to make a crochet bag. But we have some left and they are yours for the taking! 

Lion Brand - Crayola Off The Hook $10 - Great for kids and adults who don’t want to think! Beautiful chenille yarn with 'loopy bits'. One ball is enough to make a cowl or scarf. Most yarn have a hook size recommendation on the label...well, this yarn just has a 'hand'. It is truly a 'fingering yarn' hehehe think Jacob's ladder-style ;) 

Caron X Pantone !!!!!!!!! $14.50 - SHELBY IS SO EXCITED FOR THESE! Which one is your fave?

Sooo many stunning colourways to choose from! Each 'bundle' comes with a beautiful inspiration card, to help you on your creative CARON X PANTONE journey! 

These gorgeous bundles are a merino wool blend and are super soft -100g, 116m, bulky 12 ply, perfect for a variety of crochet and knitted projects! 

Yarnish Makes 

This is the part I was most excited for!! Tonight Shelby debuted my cute little panda teethers! 

Meet Bei Bei and Su Lin, the cheeky chubby panda siblings. I'll introduce them again to you in their very own blog post special. 

The kits are $28 - in each kit, you will receive one raw timber teether, 5 balls of Scheepjes Cahlista Yarn (enough to make two pandas), stitch markers and the downloadable PDF pattern. Rattles sold separately here.  You can purchase the kits here

The pattern is available separately at $5.50 here

Aannnnnnndddd, the moment you have all been waiting for!

12 Days of Christmas CAL 2019 (Pre-order!) - preorders are open!

Kits are $60 available here in three colourways. 

Downloadable PDF of all 12 designs will also be available for $15

Shelby had one last surprise for us! Sale Away, all Papatya & Cicibebe are 20% off!

But just one small note: this offer cannot be used with any other offer. You cannot use the 20% off with the LOCALPCIKUP code. So if you want to take advantage of this deal and pick up, you will just need to come in and buy at one of our open days! If you plan to have your order shipped, you don't need to worry about a thing, other than what to make with your shiny new yarn! 

Yay Shelby! You did a fabulous job tonight! Congratulations on a huge success!! 

Happy Yarnish all! 




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