Hello Yarnies <3

Some might say I'm a bit odd.... not because I eat Vegemite with EVERYTHING; or pour milk before the water when making coffee because it 'tastes better'; not even because I often pretend I'm the star of my own cooking show whenever I'm cooking dinner. 


It's because I am alllllways cold!

Now, I know I'm not the only one. I believe I am part of a special 'herd of people' just like me, who feel a slight breeze and brace for a never-ending winter! It could be 40 degrees outside and I'm wrapped up all cozy in my dressing gown and uggs while crocheting thermal undergarments. 

So when I saw Christine Andison's beautiful Springtime Shrug pattern, I believe she made it for people like me! 

Some might say it's silly to crochet a shrug as our Aussie Summer steadily approaches. But to those people I say 'BAAHHHH!!' Its never not a good time to crochet yarny clothes! 

Introducing Christine Andison's beautiful Spring-Time Shrug to our Yarnish Makes family <3

We are so proud of this gorgeous design. This, truly is, a shrug for all! Using just 3 balls of the beautiful Paptaya Batik (colour 554-32), this shrug will fit so many shapes and sizes. But if you want to alter the size of your shrug, this pattern is totally adaptable! To make a bigger shrug, start with a longer chain and increase the amount of rows. To make a smaller shrug, start with a shorter chain and do less rows. Easy-peesy!

If your new-ish to crochet, or have never made clothes before, and you have been looking for a solid project to sink your creative teeth into then we strongly recommend the Springtime Shrug. This pattern is incredibly straight-forward: it includes diagrams, pictures and very clear instructions. So don't be put off by its intricate looks, it really is an 'all-inclusive' pattern! 

It seems that we are not the only ones who absolutely love this design! Ever since Shelby wore it on an episode of WITB, you have not stopped talking about it! So many people in our Yarnish Community have asked about the release of this pattern. We have even seen some amazing ideas for yarn pop up in our Community Group. 

So that got us thinking....

*Challenge Alert* 

We want to see all your creative ideas for the Spring-time Shrug! 

We are holding a Spring-Time Shrug Challenge. We want you to make the Spring-Time Shrug, using whatever Yarnish yarns you desire! When you have created your beautiful shrug, post it up on the dedicated announcement board in our Facebook Group to be entered into our challenge. 

'So what's the prize?' I hear you say? 

Well, of course there will be a prize! It is a challenge after all! ;) All entries will go into a draw and the winner will receive something really special! We're not sure what that 'special thing' is just yet, but it will be special, pinky-swear! 

Need some yarn inspo? 

We think the Spring-time Shrug will look fabulous in any of the Papatya yarn!

But, we also want to see it made with a whirl or two, or even the Caron X Patone will look STUNNING! Or maybe the beautiful Sierra? Or Noro? The options are endless. 

So surprise us, stun us, blow us away! 

To purchase the Spring-Time Shrug Pattern, click here. The pattern is $5.50. 

We cannot wait to see what you make!

Happy Yarning <3






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