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Today is a BIG day! No, today is an EPIC day! As today is the day, we start a regular blog post topic! And not just any regular blog post topic... it’s a regular blog post topic about the renowned #WITB!


First things first...

Have you heard of What’s in the Box or WITB?

Of course, you have! It’s only the single best form of mid-week live entertainment one could ever ask for!

But in case you’re new, like I was 5 weeks ago, you’re probably thinking ‘what the bloody bleep is what’s in the box???’

What’s in the Box (WITB) is a LIVE stream which you can tune into every Tuesday evening at 6.30pm AEST. It is recorded live at Yarnish HQ and you can watch it on our Yarnish Community Facebook Group page.

TVSN, this ain’t!!!

Believe me, this live stream is 100% Aussie handmade gold! Between the random iPad updates, yapping puppers, and hilarious Shelby interjections, Mrs. Nicole Yarnish updates her healthy number of live viewers with all the amah-zing products which have been delivered to the shop over the past week. During this live stream, you will be fully updated on what’s new at Yarnish! You can then go directly to the website to purchase. The direct link to the WITB new products can be found here.

But don’t take my word for it!

We have viewers who have literally rescheduled their children’s lives so that they time to tune in! Swimming lessons? Nope! That can wait till Thursday! Also, dinner at 5pm is a thing! This is so there is time to wash up and send the kiddies off to bed before the live stream (teenagers included!)

But what if I miss it????

If life gets in the way and you are unable to watch Australia’s best shopping/comedy show, then there is no need to fret. You can catch up on the replay which is posted instantly after.

Ok get to the point, what’s the regular blog post then?!

Life might get in the way, even more so than we would like. And if watching a replay during the wee hours of the early morning (the only free time you ever seem to find for yourself) is simply not working, then you can come here!

I will collate all the highlights from the show and buddle them up in a nice, neat blog post for you (links included). I will also include the little quirks which make the live stream, well... typically Yarnish, I promise! So, you won’t feel like you’re missing out!

But if you have seen the live show and you’re used to scrubbing your way through an hour-long stream to find that bit of info you missed about a new line of yarn, then I can help you too! I will act as your very own yarn-focused news anchor!

And if you have seen the live show, have taken notes, know everything there is to know, you’re welcome too. Let’s relive amazing memories together!

So, get ready, here it is! The beginning of *drum roll*....

WITB Title Card

Previously on WITB: Showstoppers and Highlights

Tonight's episode is brought to you by Shelby's colour selction: the warm, moody and rich hues of the Sahara. 

No technical difficulties tonight! The new iPhone method of streaming worked wonders as it beamed out a beautiful, crisp image for all eager yarnie fans! However, yarn had been forgotten for 'show-and-tell'... and we will definitely not place blame on to a particular blondie brunette-haired sheila... 

First things first!

Yarnish is turning 3! We are celebrating with a new CAL. Keep reading for more details below!

Five massive boxes had been delivered today! Poor Nicole and Shelby were drowning in yarn. But this means so many exciting new goodies are now in stock:

Shiny and new!
Cahlista - $4.00 (Beautiful unmercerized cotton yarn, but more information will be coming your way tomorrow!)
Bergere de France - Unic $60 (only 4 available, 100% merino wool and it passes the face test!)
After Party - Swifts Cushion - $2.50
Colour Packs:
NEW Gigantic Metropolis (Mother-Of-All) Pack - $180 (every colourway!!! 4ply sock blend, but it doesn't mean you can only use it for socks as it is also perfect to create motifs, squares and even amigurumi!)
2 x Catona - $120
2 x Cahlista - $150
Metropolis         Catona Colour Pack
Restocked Items:
Catona - $4.50
Shawl in a Ball - $14.50 (Passed the face test! Crochet shawl pattern is included in the label). 
Comfy Cotton - $13.50
Shawl in a Ball
Lonely Lola’s looking for a partner (in crime hehe):
Trio Yellow 300g - $44
Hot Summer 200g - $30
More Lola's have been ordered but we are waiting for notification to say they have been dispatched...we are patiently waiting (not!) - it may include a special one by yours truly ;) 
In other news!
In case you missed it: I introduced myself as Yarnish's shiny new blogger! To celebrate, Skittles the Puppy Balloon Animal graced her presence among the Yarnish Community. Kits and Patterns are now available here
Kits are $13.50 and the PDF Pattern is $8.
Also, Audrey-Corn Kits have been restocked! They are $44 and you can find them here.
Dont miss out!
PROMO Cicibebe Batik & Sprinkles - Buy 3 get 1 FREE - $5.50 per ball (you need to add 4 balls to your cart for the discount to work).
Congratulations to our winner of the #yarnishrainbowchallenge Green Month:
Karen Chapman!!!! I will create a separate blog post to celebrate Karen's amazing creation. 
Blue Month is well and truly underway so get making for your chance to win! Blue Month runs from the 5th to the 25th of August! Read on here for more information about how the Rainbow Challenge works. 
Blue Month
To celebrate Yarnish's 3rd birthday, Yarnish is hosting a CAL, starting 1st of September! This one is designed by our newest Yarnish Designer, Melody. Kits will be Colour Crafter, the original colourway and a few others. Pre-orders are opening this week for the kits. Stay tuned! Here's a little teaser for you ;) 
CAL Teaser
Isn't she looking gorgeous!! 
Phew! There was a lot to cover but...
I hope you enjoyed our first ever #WITB Highlights post!
Happy yarning! 
Renee v(=∩_∩=)フ


  • Renee: August 08, 2019
    Author image

    Thank you so much for all your beautiful comments! I am absolutely beaming from ear-to-ear!! xxxx

  • Marion Lacey: August 08, 2019
    Author image

    Due to hospital stay had to watch WITB on replay then followed up with reading your first blog. Wow, you absolutely nailed it. Great intro and straight in to a swift rundown and pics of the whole show, with associated links. Lively, informative, entertaining, and professional. 🤩

  • Christine Andison : August 07, 2019
    Author image

    Very informative and fun reading ….thanks Renee 😊

  • Kerri: August 07, 2019
    Author image

    Great WITB re-cap/blog Renee. A fantastic idea and a great addition to the Yarnish WITB craziness!

  • Mrs Yarnish: August 06, 2019
    Author image

    Another awesome post! Go Reneé x

  • Karen : August 06, 2019
    Author image

    Oooh I love this concept!

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