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Do you see what I see? Three little pandas staring at me? Let's count them together. One, two and three! (●´ω`●)

A few months ago, Mrs Nicole Yarnish asked me to create something fun and cheeky with some beautiful timber teethers she had in stock. To say I was 'over-the-moon with joy' is a slight understatement! Nicole also gifted me with a beautiful array of Scheepjes Chalista Yarn. This yarn is STUNNING! I was so impressed: the saturation of colours, the strength of the strands, the natural look, and feel - it is simply superb! I did a write up a few months ago, you can read about it here

So off I went, and began cro-doodling! I made quite a few samples. Things I'm happy with, and others....which will never see the light of day! The latter have found a place in my 'never-to-be-finished-WIP' box, which is located in the back, dark corner of my linen closet... ~(⊕⌢⊕)~

But then, it came to me! What's more fun and cheeky than little panda bears? They would be the perfect little attachment for these adorable bear teethers! After doing my 'research' (and by research, I mean watching copious amounts of Youtube videos featuring panda-fails!) my own little panda-creations were born! 

 <3 Meet Bei Bei and his big sister, Su Lin <3

These two were inspired by Bei Bei (meaning 'precious treasure'), the male giant panda cub who lives at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C.; and Su Lin (meaning 'beautiful jade'), the female giant panda born at the San Diego Zoo a few years ago.

When I had my heart set on crocheting baby pandas, I really wanted to make them as kawaii as possible. I'm talking: big heads, anime eyes, a bobble-y tail and the most super pudgy cheeks you have ever seen! Speaking of the pudgy cheeks, they were inspired by my little Audrey who is currently sporting 'balloon cheeks' (I swear you could just pop them with a gentle 'poke'!) O(≧▽≦)O

My little Bei Bei and Su Lin are the perfect teether attachment for teeny-tiny hands! My little one absolutely loves them and they are super safe for her to play with. The timber teethers have a beautiful natural, raw finish (perfect for her as she is teething!). The pandas themselves have had their limbs crocheted to their bodies, and they also have embroidered eyes so that there are no sharp objects which she might suck. For added 'playfulness', Bei Bei has a little rattle inside his body - and because of this, I think he is her favorite! 

Each panda uses five colours: black and white for the panda, one colour for his/her jumper and one colour each for the cheeks and teether attachment.  This is a super-economical pattern, you can make a few little panda buddies from these 5 colours, whilst also making lots of different variations.

Also, this pattern is perfect for beginners, there are no complex twists and turns which may leave you stumped. If you know your 'single crochet', 'decrease' and 'working in the round', you should be 'A.Okay!'. 

Now available, exclusively @ Yarnish! 

You can grab the pattern for these cute little teethers for $5.50 here

The kits are available here. The kits are $28 and contains 5 x 50g Scheepjes Cahlista, 1 x Wooden Bear Head Teether plus the detailed pattern in downloadable PDF format.

I hope you love them as much as my little one! I'm almost certain that soon we may have to treat her for 'Amigurumi De-panda-ence' hehehe! 

Happy Yarning <3




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