Hey Yarnies! 

Long time, no blog! 

I have a little challenge for you... 

We have recently started up our Social Saturdays, these are a purely social catch up, with two sessions available. AM: 10.30am - 12.30pm or PM: 1.00pm - 3.00pm, you can also book into both sessions for double the fun!

We are loving the chance to hang out and craft with you, but unfortunately the class room is a little bit plain.

See, it's not the most inspiring place! 

I have a vision, of lots of beautiful coloured squares lining the walls... this is a big project for one person, which is why we are enlisting you, our community.


The project: decorate the classroom! 

It's simple, send us one (or a couple) of squares that we can use for decorating. 


  • Size: the squares need to be 20cm x 20cm (this is so that they can all line up evenly)
  • Colour: please limit your colours to ONE main colour, you can use a neutral accent, or multiple shades of one colour (eg: pink and cream, or a mix of navy, denim and sky blue) if you wish, but solid is preferred. This will help us arrange the squares in a beautiful spectrum of colours!

You can use any fibre or ply - we won't actually be joining the squares, they will be pinned onto the wall. You are welcome to use anything in your stash. 

You can also use any pattern you wish, plain granny or something more complex - it's up to you. You can also use any yarn craft that you like! 

If you don't feel like making squares, we are happy to adopt any other kinds of wall décor (there are lots of walls to cover!), but please don't feel obligated! 



You can deliver your squares to the shop in person during our opening hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 10am-4pm


You can mail your squares to Nicole Vesterholm - 519 George Street, South Windsor, NSW, 2756.
If you have a group that you craft with, we recommend pooling together to save on shipping - don't forget to include your names! 


We are super duper excited to get you involved, and can't wait to see this project come together!

Happy stitching, Shelby @ Yarnish ❤ 


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