All of us at Yarnish HQ LOVE colour! We all have our preferences: Nicole favours blues and greens, Emma likes pinks and purples, Mel tends to work in pastels, Katt goes for the brights and I love my warm tones (orange and yellow).

We have decided to celebrate colour, and step out of our colourful comfort zones...

Introducing the Yarnish Rainbow Challenge!

Every month, for the next seven months, we will be giving you a new colour to work with. You can make anything that you like, as big or small as you like; you just have to stick to the month's theme colour. 

Everyone eligible that takes the challenge will be entered into a monthly draw to win some Yarnish gift vouchers!* To enter the draw, just post your item to our Facebook community group with the hashtag #yarnishrainbowchallenge 

You can find the group here**

To celebrate the start of The Yarnish Rainbow Challenge, we have also teamed up with Clare from bobwilson123 to bring you a little give-away over on Instagram.*** The prize includes a great selection of yarns, one of our Yarnish yarn bowls and a few other goodies! The give-away prize is only available to residents of Australia and New Zealand, however you can still enter the challenge with our hashtag #yarnishrainbowchallenge 

Find Clare's Instagram here!

The dates for each colour are listed here:

Red: 15/4/19 - 12/5/19

Orange: 13/5/19 - 9/6/19

Yellow: 10/6/19 - 7/7/19

Green: 8/7/19 - 4/8/19

Blue: 5/8/19 - 25/8/19

Purple: 26/8/19 - 22/9/19

Pink: 23/9/19 - 20/10/19


 *In order to qualify for the monthly draw the item must be made with Yarnish yarns, it must be mostly the colour of the month, and cannot be completed before the challenge start date.This challenge is for Australian and New Zealand residents only, and is in no way affiliated with Facebook or Instagram. 

**Facebook Community Group is for Australian and New Zealand Residents only.

***Instagram giveaway will run from 6/4/19 - 9/4/19 (cut-off time 1000 AEST). This giveaway is for Australian and New Zealand residents only, and is in no way affiliated with Instagram.


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