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What an amazing journey! We traveled across the whole rainbow and we have now arrived. Alas, we can confirm: there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and it's called 'Fruit Cup Fade'. 

Over the past 7 months, we have waited ever so patiently for Emma Wilkinson to build her very beautiful Cicibebe Sprinkles Rainbow Blanket, the Fruit Cup Fade. And we have not been left wanting! This project has so much dimension and vibrancy, making every stitch an absolute joy to crochet. 

If you have been following on with the blog, you would know that Emma has released one part every month corresponding to our Yarnish Rainbow Challenge, so 'red' for Red Month, 'orange' for Orange Month and so one. This week is the beginning of Pink Month, the final month in our Rainbow Challenge. You can read more about our challenge here.  That means, the final month brings us the final piece of the puzzle. Yesterday, part 7 was uploaded to our blog. 

 ✿ A bit about Emma ✿

You may already know Emma. She has been part of the Yarnish Team for a while now. But if you not sure who Emma is, she is head of our Design Team and works at Yarnish HQ one day a week. 

Emma is certainly no stranger to crochet! Founder of Emma Wilkinson Designs, she has an impressive 60+ designs to her name. Emma has an amazing portfolio of work which you can check out here

Looking through Emma's Ravelry, I can't help but feel a sense of confidence and boldness, yet there was so much warmth bursting through! I don't think I have tapped the 'save in favorites' button so quickly on so many projects! But amongst all the boldness, geometric shapes and bright colours, there was also the projects which were soft and delicate. These reminded me of Mother Earth, as they were so natural and organic. 

It seems that the Fruit Cup Fade Blanket sits in between these two design types, it is the perfect blend of geometric boldness, whilst also maintaining a warm natural softness. 

♪ Somewhere over the Rainbow ♪

When speaking with Emma about her Fruit Cup Fade Blanket she said: 

"The rainbow challenge was my inspiration. I knew I wanted to make something that would be a section per month and I wanted a slightly different version of the rainbow and chose pastel versions of the colours. I also wanted to try something different with the CiciBebe yarn. The idea evolved a little bit in planning....I'm a big fan of corner to corner projects worked on the bias"

I chuckled when Emma told me how she likes to sit in bed and crochet (as I do this too!) This is possibly why Emma's designs have such a lovely homely feel because she is 'so much at home' when creating them <3

Emma comes from a family of yarn-benders! Her mother and grandmother taught her how to knit and crochet, respectively, which then led to her amazing accomplishments: 

"My mum taught me to knit and my Grandma taught to crochet, but I did have some youtube help after not doing either for a few years. My mother was a very accomplished sewist, so I grew up with lots of crafts, which led me to get a diploma in Fine Art. My mother in law was also a crafty lady. My husband grew up on a farm and she would spin the fleece from their own sheep and knit them jumpers."
Emma's biggest tip she wanted to share for this blanket, or any crochet project: 
"Don't give up! the first step is the hardest, but it all clicks very quickly. Don't be afraid to frog and try again!"

Fruit Cup Fade is now available!

Each part of the Fruit Cup Fade pattern has been released in pieces scattered over the blog (click the Rainbow Challenge tag to find them!) Alternatively, you can purchase the kits (which comes with the pattern) at Yarnish. There are now multiple colourways available:

The original Fruit Cup Fade - $44. 7 balls of Cicibebe Sprinkles Yarn in the original colourway. Available here.

The Ombre Fade - $44. 7 balls Papatya in brights. Available here.

The Ocean Fade - $44. 7 balls Cicibebe Sprinkles in cool ocean tones. Available here.

We cannot wait to see all the amazing Fruit Cup Fades on your hook!

Here is Emma's Social Media Handles. Give her a follow and like!
Eager to see what else Emma creates? Check out her social media below:


I hope you enjoyed this rainbow special blog post and happy crocheting! I know what I'll be doing tonight hehehe ;) 



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