Hello Yarnies! <3

Tonight, we are channeling Scotty Cam! Tonight was the biggest WITB in WITB history! 

Nicole isn't mucking around, she meant it when she said it would be a big one tonight! So, I'm going to dive straight in and get started! 

Tonight's episode of WITB is brought to you by: 

Crochet-a-longs. May the odds be ever in your favor....

Yarnish Wears (a new segment that I'm inventing, just because!)

Shelby was beautifully dressed in her gorgeous shawl. It was made using a 200g Lola (the size of our Yarnish and Co. Lolas). During her live stream this morning, Shelby showed us how to make tassels using a tassel maker and it was way cuuuuute! 

And Nicole was wearing her stunning Noro Geshi Shawl. The pattern is available here.

Then there was the sign....

Poor Nicole and Shelby have been under A LOT of stress with the Rozeta CAL. Most of the colourways arrived this week (we are still waiting patiently for Twilight!)

They unboxed a beautiful Our Tribe Luxury Kit of the Dawn Colourway. There were so many beautiful bits inside this kit! 

We are still waiting for Twilight! So Shelby has put together alternative kits for Twilight.

There was a Yarnish 'Twilight' version: 

And a bright, real 'stained-glass' version (chunky monkey for colour reference!): 

Aaaand the Shelby version: 

Nicole will send out emails to everyone who has ordered to confirm any changes. If you choose one of these Yarnish Kits, the price will be reduced as they will not include all the knick-knacks. So the total price will be $105, not $130.

If you want to swap to one of the other official colourways, then contact Nicole. These will take some time to get here though... 

Quiltopia <3

Quiltopia is happening this weekend! Be there or be square! 

Details are here

New @ Yarnish 

Red Heart Roll with it - Tweed $15, comes in many different colours, 100% acrylic, weight 4, 150g, 271m.

Red Heart Roll with it - Melange $16, 100% acrylic, 150g, weight 4.  Lots of gorgeous colours to choose from! 

Noro Ito - $49, beautiful 100% wool, 400m. Only 6 available! 

Queensland Collection - United Foursome $33, cotton and lambswool blend! Beautiful colourways: pretty pastel, neutral and blacks as well as shades of green.  200g, weight 2. Similar to a Whirl. Gorgeous to work with, very soft! Not scratchy at all. The label recommends 3.5-4.5mm hook. 

Ella Rae - Denim DK $16, they are beautiful! Like little zen rocks! Egyptian cotton, super soft! 100g, 200m. There is a lovely acid wash/stonewash look to this yarn. Definitely pass the face test! 

Juniper Moon Farm - Zooey $18, 60% cotton, 40% linen, 100g, 260m. Fine weight. 

Queensland Collection - Kathmandu $27.50, Nicole is totally vibing this yarn. Beautiful wool and silk blend. 85% Extrafine Merino Wool, 10% Silk, 5% Cashmere | 100g, 400m.

Juniper Moon Farm - Cumulus $23, in Shelby's words: "Imagine a sheep sitting on a cloud eating marshmallows... Cumulus is softer than that!!" Super floofy, 94% cotton, 6% nylon, weight 4, chainette construction. Made in Italy. 230m. The perfect yarn for making chemo beanies. Lots of beautiful colours available. 

Whirls (and ombre) $35, Frosted $36, Woolly $38
Bookazine Reef & Folk $26
Check out all of the one available now. Click here
Accessories @ Yarnish 
Storage Organiser - $18, rectangle, with pockets and compartments. Cute aztec design. 
Pom Pom Makers - $9/$11/$13.50/$16 
Tassel Makers - $13/$15 
Knit Pro Crochet Sets:
Zing $45, in a spectrum of colours so bright and lively that it takes away one's breath! Shiny Silver tips for ease of crocheting with any colour. Perfectly shaped hooks, perfectly smooth surface, very light on hands.
Symfonie $49, Handcrafted by skilled artisans, all hooks have grooves that prevent stitch slippage, extremely attractive colour combination/pattern.
Waves $55, These single-ended aluminum crochet hooks have sturdy yet soft grips, with a perfectly smooth silver finish to the shaft. Each size is uniquely colour coded. Packaged in a handy faux leather case.
Most sizes are also available as individuals. These are a dream to work with, perfect for your delicate and relaxing projects!
Knit Pro Tunisian Sets:
Symfonie $99, Handcrafted by skilled artisans, all hooks have grooves that prevent stitch slippage, extremely attractive colour combination/pattern.
Ginger $160, made from premium quality denim and beige finish material - the most usable needle case, incorporates a chart keeper. Includes crochet hooks in 11 sizes to cover all yarn weights.
Knit Pro Needle Sets - Comby $28 / $45, Symfonie Starter $45
NEW - Smart Stix $140, vegan leather case, very stylish! These hooks are so smooth. Similar to the Zing needles. They are marked at 2cm intervals, the cable to marked too. 
This is when they lost it! 
Moving on.... 
NEW - Ginger $180, comes in a beautiful luxe case, chart keeper and needle case in one! Stunning laminated timber needles, from sustainable forests! These are unbelieveably super smooth. Comes with stitch markers, twisty pen, cables, and magnets. You definitely won't be left wanting! 
Individual Hook - Waves, Zing & Knit Pro Silver/Gold from $4
Clover Hooks - 3.25 and 3.75 now available!
Clover Yarns Cutter $12 - maybe or maybe not plane safe... Perfect for cutting the blue (not red!) wire! 
Threader $12.50, really cool contraction to help you thread your needle!
Clover Needle Threaders $7.50, comes with cool cases!
Point Protectors $9, to prevent your loops from falling off your needles, not for protecting your tips hehehe
Clover Locking Stitch Marker Sets $15
Birch Knit in Elastic $4.50
Wool Needles $4.50, these have a plastic loop on the end. 
And that's it! 
Happy yarning!


  • Renee: October 06, 2019
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    Hi Catherine! Please send Nicole an email on nicole@yarnish.com.au xxxxx

  • Catherine Cockburn: October 06, 2019
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    I couldn’t find any information on your site about the kits for the new rozeta cal? 😊

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