Hello Yarnies <3

It's Tuesday again! But today is a little different. Why? Well, according to Yarnish HQ, WITB started an hour early today (technically!) aaaaaand it also feels like Monday! All-in-all we are feeling slightly salty; we have returned back to work after a beautiful public holiday yesterday, and we are still recovering from our lost hour #firstworldproblems o(╥﹏╥)o

Seriously, riddle me this? Why is it easier to recover from jet-lag when traveling on the opposite side of the planet, but loosing ONE hour of sleep due to DLS takes weeks (if not the whole of summer) to adjust too?! 

Anyway, welcome to another episode of WITB!!!! ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ

But before we jump in! Here is a quick little update from the weekend! 

Quil-Quil-Quiltopia! Quiltopia! Ah! 

Did anyone get my Duran Duran reference??? Was I too vague this time? hehehe I cannot be the only one to sing 'Notorious' every time someone said 'Quiltopia'! Or maybe I was.... (⊙︿⊙✿)

Nicole and Shelby absolutely killed it at Quiltopia! Just look at this beautiful stand!

Despite the craziness and tiredness, they set up the most beautiful exhibit and met some really lovely new people (if you're new and you're reading this WITB blog post, welcome to Yarnish!!!) 

These two smiling faces are smiling for two reasons (1) they are super happy to get out of HQ and be amongst other yarn-loving people, and (2) this was their final show for 2019! Great job, ladies! 

In case you missed it, I did a write up of Quiltopia. Click here to read it. 

Ok now lets jump in! 

Tonight's episode is brought to you by the letter 'c'. 'C' is for crochet, community, and consideration. 

Community Service Announcement

No need to feel awkward about it, Nicole felt it was time for some 'real-talk'. 
Tonights 'truth sign' said it all.... 'crochet so you don't stab people'...

Nicole expressed her disappointment and sadness due to some mean and nasty posts uploaded to our community page last night. On the back of a super loooong weekend at Quiltopia, it was the last thing Nicole wanted to do; to respond to, what I think most of us would call, distasteful behaviour. 

Let's remind ourselves, our Yarnish Community on Facebook is a safe space. This means we must be kind and respectful towards one another. In our community, people are able to feel among friends. Nicole holds this very close to her heart.

We have been brought together because of our love of yarn. Let's support and be kind to one another. We teach this to our children, so let's model this behavior as adults <3 

So let's never ever have this chat again <3 <3 <3 

Yarnish Wears

Nicole was wearing a stunning Noro Geshi shawl in the new Noro colourways. 

There are two new colours available at Yarnish: 

Mishima & Yokosuka - $49

This yarn is so beautiful! Even Shelby's stunning pictures don't do it justice. 

Nicole started her shawl on Saturday night, did a little on Sunday and then finished it yesterday! So it was super quick to work up! 

This is an asymmetrical shawl by The Crochet Crowd. You can find the pattern here

Nicole used a 5.5mm hook and used the whole ball. 

Shelb's Show and Tell 

Shelby is working on the Dragon Belly Scarf by Johanna Lindahl. She is using the Jumpin Jaffa Pop, Scheepjes Whirl. This is another asymmetrical shawl. 

Shelby said that the Dragon Belly Pattern is really simple. You can find the pattern here

Also, Shelby was having a serious case of fomo of the Rozeta CALers and bought herself a new bag. Check it out!

Yarnish doesn't stock these...yet. If you want us to, then let us know in Yarnish community!! ;) 

Shop News 

Quiltopia was on this past weekend. It wasn't super duper busy, but it was lovely to meet new people and see our beautiful Yarnish friends.

Quiltopia marks the end of all shows for the year! Hip Hip Hooray!!!

Aaaannd, less than 3 weeks until Crochet Cruise!!! Nicole will be departing to New Zeland. 

Yarnish stocktake is happening soon, so we are very busy trying to get everything back into the system. All orders placed up until 12pm today have gone out. Our current focus will be putting the stock back into the system and getting on top of the CALs. 

Rozeta CAL

We are still waiting on a couple of orders to hit Yarnish HQ, all changes to orders involving ‘Twilight’ are being organised this week. Dawn is now out of stock -  Nicole will contact those affected.

According to the delivery info, the orders for the other colourways arrived in Sydney on the 29th of September....so they should arrive very soon! 

*big sigh*

New @ Yarnish 

Patons Sierra - 150g, 375m, 80% 20% acrylic wool blend. Short change variegated yarn and they are VERY rainbow!! Beautiful colourways available. It reminds Nicole a little bit of Crypto, but a little more tweed. 

Lykke Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needle Set - Long - Driftwood $150 - These come in 4.5-12mm. Super beautiful and super smooth. Luxury knitting! 

Lykke Tunisian Crochet Hook Set - Driftwood $180 - This set is stunning! This is an in-line hook, as the hook tip is 'in-line' with the handle. Absolutely gorgeous, smooth hooks and so lovely to work with. 

There are three colors in total, driftwood, umber and indigo. 

Special orders 

Email Nicole at nicole@yarnish.com.au if you want anything in time for Christmas! It's fast approaching and you don't want to miss out! 

New Patterns @ Yarnish

Crochet Bow Throw $7 - Similar to the butterfly panels in our BotaniCAL! So beautiful and sweet! Done in an 8ply cotton, but it can be substituted with anything. 

Crochet Garden Throw $9 - uses 8ply cotton blend. But, in saying that it will work in any cotton! There are plenty of diagrams and instructions. Really pretty and lots of designs. 

Colourful Crochet $12 - back in stock! Features all different yarns. Lots of beautiful creations inside! 

And that's it! Nicole was super-efficient tonight! Maybe because a certain blonde-haired lass was absent??? 

No way! We love ya Shelby!! 

Happy yarning!



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