Hello, Yarnies <3

So it has been 'that' sort of week.....

Every week, for WITB I receive a script from Nicole and Shelby. It provides me with an overview of all the bits and pieces they are hoping to discuss during the live-stream. 

This week, I received the script. This was the opening line: 

"I don’t even know what day it is!"


Nicole and Shelby looked totally wiped! It's been a big year. I think I know exactly what they need to feel better though....how about a trip to Sweden? Not long now, ladies!! 

Let's get right into it! 

First up, Nicole and Shelby wanted to share their concern for all our fellow Yarnies affected by the fires: 

"We hope everyone has been keeping safe from the craziness that is happening all over Australia at the moment. We thankfully haven’t had any fires close to us. Sadly, we have learnt that a member of our Yarnish Community, Heather and her hubby Stu, has lost everything in one of the fires. A GoFundMe has been set up to help them get back on their feet. We will have a link on the blog if anyone would like to contribute" 

Yes, we are so sad to say that our beautiful Yarnie, Heather, and her family, lost everything in the fires. This happened in November and we just found out about it today. A GoFundMe has been set up, please consider donating. Heather was sitting in the hospital when she discovered the news that her house was completely burnt down. 

Here is the link if you're looking to donate:  

A special shout out to Colleen: 

Nicole and Shelby received a beautiful message from Colleen saying that 'Tuesdays is her favorite day of the week' because she watches WITB! So 'hi' Colleen!!! 

Shelby's terrible dream! 

Shelby had THE WORST nightmare ever! She said that she boarded her 24hour flight to Scandinavia having forgotten her precious crochet hooks! I know, right! This is quite a funny dream! I certainly laughed out loud when I heard it, much to Shelby's shock and horror! hehehe

Let's all pray that the stern Custom Officers don't confiscate her crochet hooks! ;) 

Travel plans and how it affects the shop 

No Open Day on the 20th of December. Emma will organise orders on Monday, then we are closed for two weeks until the New Year. Emma will be packing on Tuesdays and Fridays. Then, Nicole and Shelby return. 

Travel plans are mostly organised - woohoo - we still can’t believe it’s less than 3 weeks until they leave. Nicole says: 'even as I type [this script] I am in denial!!! I am working on some scarves to keep the family toasty!'

Yarnish Show and Tell 

Nicole shared her current WIP, a beautiful scarf using Lion Brand Thick n Quick. It's called the Hudson Travel Scarf by Alexandra Travel. Nicole says 'it is thick and quick if you don't make mistakes'! Nicole said that she didn't know what she did to it, but it's now completely unique! This scarf is for Mr Yarnish, Patrick. 

Shelby is currently working on a pattern by me! Its called 'Hank and Sherry, Merpeople'. They have cute little button noses and belly buttons too! 

She is using Scheepjes Catona to make these little merbabies! I'm super proud Shelby! Thanks for making them <3 

Spring Time Shrug Challenge

The Springtime Shrug challenge finished on Saturday - we did a draw of everyone who posted their shrug in the thread - the winner is: Gwenn Star 

The biggest congratulations Gwenn! You did a fantastic job! (sadly, Shelby didn’t get a screenshot as the page reloaded) - you get a $20 voucher to use online

Gwenn used Papatya Batik Silver in Silver & Blue (which looks super cute with her hair!), and modified the pattern slightly to use back loop dcs, which gave her shrug a gorgeous ribbed texture.

Yarnish Christmas Party

On Sunday we had our very first Yarnish Christmas Party - it was awesome to spend some time relaxing (and eating) before the Christmas madness sets in! Oh wait ... it already has ... hehehe

It was lots of fun! We had a BBQ, and salad...and a very special 'adult' cocktail made by Shelby. It was delish! 

Shelby and Nicole were kind enough to show off the little gifts I gave them <3

Christmas CAL - Day 3 is out

We are so in love with our first three patterns! Nicole and Shelby were having too much fun with all the little creations! 

Just to let everyone know, there is enough Catona in the kits to make a couple of each of the designs. Nicole did the math! You receive 400g total grams in the kits, and to make all the designs, you need 200g. But!! This all depends on your tension. The variations are to give you ideas, but feel free to get creative! 

Nicole and Shelby are full of ideas! Here, are some suggestions for Days 1-3:

For Day 1, Nicole suggested that you could cross stitch on the top of the Day 1's Christmas Stockings, as the sc acts like an Aida cloth. So if you want to cross stitch monograms, go right ahead ;) 

For Day 2, crochet two, and then make an insert, stitch around them both and insert the insert to create a little 3D star! I love this idea! 

For Day 3, if you make it smaller, they would look so stylish as earrings! Or even a necklace! 

Kits are sold out, but PDF patterns are available here. It's not too late to join! 

This is the part when Nicole and Shelby gave us a sneak peek Day 4!! 

This adorable little pine cone has been designed by Tegan Howes. Stay tuned for all the details in tomorrow morning's blog post. 

New Yarnish Makes


Designed by the amazing Katt Wade! New Christmas Bears available NOW - limited stock Noel - $25, Pudd - $22, Jack - $23. The reason for the different prices is because the yarns required varying in price slightly. These gorgeous little bears follow our Merry, Frosted and Rustic themes of the Christmas-CAL! Noel and Frost are made with Papatya Batik Silver, so they have a lovely sparkle to them.  

A cute little side note, Katt said to Nicole that she wanted to name one of the bears Noel, Nicole said this was perfect because her granddad's name was Noel :)

In the kits, you will receive, the PDF Pattern, one ball of Papatya, a skein of Sweetheart Floss (made by Nicole!), and hand-wound (by Nicole!) Scheepjes Eliza, and a little bags of goodies to give your little bear his final touches! <3 

Get your kit here. And the pattern here

Restocked @ Yarnish

Whirls are restocked once again - woohoo! Grab them here

So, quick segway, because Nicole and Shelby just remembered something that made them cringe. Their delivery arrived and the package had been opened because it had been checked at customs.... but this is how the package arrived.... 

The bags were opened, with yarn labels missing, and some skeins have been ruined.... 

Some yarn was stained...

And wait for it!


Some yarn was missing.... like it had been used!! 


But let's change the subject, just quickly...

Yarn bowls!!! 

These are perfect for Christmas! Nicole wanted to show off this special yarn bowl, as it is very different from all the others. Nicole thought that this particular yarn bowl needs to be seen before it can be purchased. Not to everyone's taste, but we love it! 

So if you love this beautiful bowl and would like to purchase it, let us know! 

The medium yarn bowls are made for us in India. They are made from Indian Rose Wood - $39, available to purchase here

The large, lighter colour is made from Pine - and these ones are $49, available here

We only had a few of these beauties left so grab them while you can! 

We also have Jumbo on their way! Stay tuned! $59 when they come back in. 

So that's our yarn bowl collection :) 

Last week we showed you the beautiful Skies yarn 

Now in stock, all of the Skies Light colours are now in stock. This yarn is hand-dyed so the colours will vary. 100g, 340m skeins, weight 2. 100% cotton which has been dyed with natural indigo dye. 

Please note, that because of the way they have been dyed, there may be some residue colour. So it is recommended that you wash before you use it. You can purchase them here

And our final bit of news...!

On a whim, Nicole decided that she would mark 20% off patterns - excluding Scheepjes and excluding Yarnish Makes - enter BOOKWORM19 @ checkout!! Woo hoo!! 

There are beautiful books for sale: 

Knit a Square, you make a knitted square with little attachments and then you sew it up and make cute little critters!!! 

Cast on, Bind off. Who knew there were 211 ways to cast on and bind off in knitting???? 

And so much more...

That's when Nicole and Shelby decided that that was enough and its time for bed! 

So that's it for tonight! 

Happy Yarning :) 




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