Hello, Yarnies! <3 

Let's jump straight in!

She made it! 

Nicole made it to her new home, and can you believe, she found the time to deliver an awesome WITB live special tonight. 

Although, the puppies tested Nicole's patience, poor thing! 

There was a bit of this as Nicole attempted to wrangle the puppers... *sigh* The things we do for our yappy pups (me included!!)... 


Moving Update

It is Day 6 of moving, and it has been absolutely exhausting. And to top it off, Nicole found out that the premises they were hoping for, for the shop-front, is not properly zoned.... So! That means they are back to 'scouting' phase to find the perfect Yarnish HQ space. 

So that means that Yarnish is in storage and will have to be moved twice.... poor Mr Yarnish :( 

All orders before 1.30pm today, have been sent out. We are still waiting on some stock to arrive (i.e. Lolas...) but most items have been sent.

Back in stock @ Yarnish 

Get ready....!!!! Papatya is now back in stock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *screams uncontrollably*


Batik 554-11 $6.50 

Batik 554-37 $6.50

Batik Silver 555-11 $7.00

100% Premium Acrylic | 100g(360m) | 4mm needles/hook | DK/8ply The ones with the silver have 5% polyester (which is the sparkle). 

If you're unfamiliar with Papatya, its a Yarnish staple! We have both kinds in stock, sparkle and no sparkle! We only have 100 balls of each and we imagine that they will go super quickly! So if you really want these colours (and we know you really do!) grab them ASAP! 

Papatya Cake Silver 311 $12.00

100% Premium Acrylic | 150g(540m) | 4mm needles/hook | DK/8ply

The difference between the cakes and the batik is the length of the colour changes. They have the same colours but the batik transitions continuously throughout the ball, whereas the cakes only have 1 colour change of each colour. 

Nicole and Shelby have been to Usak, Turkey and have visited Papatya HQ and they use only the best quality acrylic! 

New @ Yarnish

Papatya Sundae - $6

80% Premium Acrylic / 20% Angora | 200g(1100m) | 4mm needles/hook | DK/8ply

Finally! We have been waiting for these to arrive! We showed you Papatya Sundae a few weeks ago. They are a micro-fiber acrylic, 100g 320m, similar to a Whirl weight. They have multiple colour changes. 

There are 8 colours available, and they are all so beautiful! We have pastels and brights, muted and bold. Sooooo many beautiful colourways to choose from! 

Some even have the same colourways as the Papayta Batik. 

Yarn & Colours - Charming

We almost have the remaining colours for the Yarn & Colours Charming arrive! We were missing all the warm tones, but they are in stock now :) We are now only waiting for the neutral colours. 

In other news....

Shelby is due to come home next Tuesday! She is currently in Laos! Poor Shelby had a little kayak accident and took in a bit of water, and now isn't feeling too good. 

Despite that, she is still having an awesome time! Here is the photo we were talking about last week, Shelby and her elephant friend:

Nicole gave us a quick tour of her new place!

There was Miley:


"The Lunatics" (Nicole's words haha!):

Astra even made a quick appearance! 

Nicole promised to keep us posted in regards to the shop front! She is hoping Yarnish will be able to move really quickly!! 

And that's it for tonight,

Happy Yarning,



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  • Jennifer Mackenzie: March 11, 2020
    Author image

    Nicole I watched WITB after the recording had finished the 5 dogs I am looking after atm answered Nicole’s dogs I gave them treats to keep them busy so I could watch it in peace.
    I admire her energy to get it all done plus to effort to go shopping again.
    Love the new colours that have come in.
    Good job Renee

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