Hello, Yarnies <3

Only 16 more sleeps till Christmas! We cannot wait for the Jolly Sir in Red to arrive! What's on your Christmas List. If you're reading this, I'd bet that you may want to 'update' with some of tonight's goodies! There are so many new things at Yarnish. If there was ever a time to use the expression 'the 11th hour', it would be now! Nicole and Shelby are working round the clock to bring you the best they can offer, right up till they jump on that plane to Sweden! 

So, what did they have for us tonight? 

Let's jump right in! 

What's in the backyard... Nicole

Nicole started her live-stream tonight outside! I know right?! A big change of scenery! Nicole spotted some lovely roos out in the backyard and decided to take us on a 'Roo Safari'. 

In the wilds of Mulgoa, Nicole-borough was able to present us with some gorgeous kangaroos. Take a look! 

Then we headed back to Yarnish, where Shelby was patiently crocheting. 

Day 10 & 10 more sleeps!

Nicole said that it’s been super crazy, the days are flying by and every day that passes of the 12 Days of Christmas brings them one day closer to their departure.

Nicole said:

"I really do live my life by the ‘if it wasn’t for the last minute, nothing would get done’ motto!!! but that last minute is oh so scarily close!"

Australia Post Issues

We have had a few people call about parcels.

We are seeing some delays in parcels being scanned at checkpoints, and also in arriving at their final destinations due to bushfires, as well as the increase in parcels due to the Christmas Period. We have been packing and dispatching promptly as usual. At this point there is no cause for alarm, we just need to give it a bit of time.

We imagine, for the Aus Post drivers, it would be incredibly challenging to drive around Sydney at the moment. We do not envy them at all! 

Open Days

This Friday 13th & Saturday 14th are the FINAL open days for 2019!

Emma will be here in 2020 for Friday 10th & Friday 17th January Open Days - then Nicole & Shelby will be back on board!

Open Days are great, we love seeing everyone! But it is a little tiring, so Nicole and Shelby are looking forward to a bit of a break. 

Sadly, if you're popping in on Saturday the 14th, Shelby won't be around as she is having Christmas with her Dad. 

12 Days of Yarnish

It’s hard to believe that we only have TWO MORE pattern releases to go. We are super impressed by all of your creations so far ... so Nicole has decided to run a little competition. To enter, you need to have completed a minimum of 10 of the 12 Christmas Designs - bonus points for all 12 - and upload a single image which includes all completed pieces by Christmas Day (there will be a designated thread to do this on starting 13th December).

Nicole and Shelby will pick up a ‘little something special’ on our travels to bring back for the winner. This is an awesome prize!! 

The reason we say 10 out of the 12, because if you didn't pick up the kit it may be a little hard to make some. 

If you make 10, you receive 2 points and if you managed to make all 12, you get 3 points!

Nicole and Shelby said that they might draw the prize in Sweden, and they might even ask their relatives to draw the winner! 

Also, in regards to the CAL, some people have said that they haven't received the new downloadable link. You can use an old link to access the files, and be mindful that the latest pattern link is at the top! 

Shelby did not know about this challenge! So it was funny watching her face light up as she read all about it! 

Tomorrow we will be seeing a stunning creation from Natasha Thorley of Buttonnose Crochet - our newest YDT member (more on that soon!) and Thursday will have us finishing off with another imaginative design from Melody Tallon of Artefacts Crochet.

Shelby’s Show & Tell

Shelby has been working on some of the CAL patterns. To add to her latest creations, she crocheted Mari's 'Tree Stacks'! They are totally adorable. She even added some sparkle and a little jingle bell. 

Shelby also created this beautiful little heart, using Emma's heart motif from her Bauble pattern. It's so sweet! 

A fun little story, Emma had the idea to design a little heart decoration for the CAL. Nicole suggested that we might need 'something a little more', and together imagined a 'heart babble'. Then, here comes Shelby, crocheting Emma's 'original plan', hehehe sorry Emma! 

Nicoles showed off her coasters. They are so sweet and adorable. She said that she had a strong idea for what she wanted to make. But she couldn't quite 'get it out!' So she scrapped the idea and started again....and simplified her idea. And that's how her coaster came to be. 

If you haven't done mosaic crochet before, your back might look a little weird. But that's ok! 

The difference between mosaic and tapestry crochet is that you don't see your 'non-working' yarn 'in' your stitches. If you're worried about the back, you might like to sew on some fabric or even crochet another square to the back. 

Don't forget! You can still purchase the CAL pattterns, it's not too late! Grab them here

Plus! Nicole also shared her 'now finished' Thick 'n Quick Scarf for Patrick. She also made a scarf for Flynn using Scarfie. We will have Scarfie back in stock when we move into 'Scarfie Weather' in Australia.  

The pattern is Hudson Travel Scarf by Alexandra Travel.

New Design - #yarnishmakes

As we mentioned above, Natasha is our newest Yarnish Design Team Member. She has designed our very first.... *drum roll*

Clothing piece! This is a top! An actual top!! 

Natasha Thorley - Grace Top using Whirl/Whirlette Combo - $8 PDF - online tomorrow!

This was made for Shelby, she had to measure herself (a 'M' size). It fits so well and is so lovely! The sizes are from XS to 4XL, from 30" to 58" bust, which is amazing! 

This is called 'Grace Top'. It is a fitted top, and it is made with a Whirl and Whirlette (depending on the size your making). Natasha used the colorways 'Strawberry and Scream' Whirl and 'Sizzle' Whirlette. 

But you can grab your yarn now! We have lots of colours in stock! 

Tomorrow is Natasha Day! We love it! 

Back in Stock @ Yarnish

Yarnish & Co Lola’s - 200g / 750m, 50% cotton / 50% acrylic - plain $38, glitter $40
New Lola’s

We are so excited to have our Yarnish & Co Lolas back in stock! We have roughly 4-5 of each colour. Each colorway has a story, Nicole's, for example, is inspired by a beautiful duck egg nest.

Mel's is inspired by her pattern, Peony. 

And Emma's is inspired by Eucalyptus and traditional Australiana colours. 

Shelby was wearing a beautiful scarf using Mari's Lola. and made by Mari. This pattern is called the Aster Shawl which will be released next week ;) 

If you want to recreate this stunning piece, we suggest you grab a Lola now! They will not last! 

And then we have Melody's Lola, which made up the Day's End Shawl (pattern coming next week!) 

Melody's Lola is lovely, but when reordering her colourway, Nicole accidentally added a 'yellow' which didn't quite exist in the Lola before. But we still think its absolutely stunning with this touch of yellow. Still inspired by the Sunset, but maybe just a bit earlier in the afternoon ;) 

Tegan colorway is also back in stock. Super popular!! 

And Shelby's, which is undeniably Shelby! 

 And Fiona's, all kinds of purple-y purples <3

Sneak peek: There is a Tegan design in the works and there may also be a design by Fiona too...

And then mine! Shiny colours and sparkly 😍

And introducing Natasha's Lola! It is colourful, happy and absolutely beautiful! Also inspired by a sunset.


Katt's Lola is on the way, we are still waiting on it to arrive. 

Introducing, Mel 2! 

It's so beautiful, steel-y blues and mustards. So sophisticated and muted. Almost a 'his' and 'hers' collection! Mel has a new design coming out, the Muyan Squares, and we think this Lola would suit it perfectly! 

Also Back in Stock

Pas de Deux - 250g / 937m, 50% cotton / 50% acrylic - $45

New Colours - Rose, Rouge, Verde. They are all so pretty! These have all been designed with the same three colours on the outside: dark grey, softer grey and white. Then they have their three feature colours. 

Summer 2019 Collection - 200g / 750m, 50% cotton / 50% acrylic - $38

Nicole could not help herself! 

We have: 

Squeeze - citrus-inspired, very zesty! 

And I don't know how it happened, but this was the part of the live-stream when Nicole Rick Rolled us!! 

She burst out into song, singing 'Never gonna give you up'!:

Who are you channeling tonight? Shelby or Nicole! I'm definitely channeling Nicole, I've been in a silly mood all day!! 

Ok back on track...

Sprinkles - milkshake inspired. 

Splash - mermaid fever!!! 

Scandi - The polar opposite of the Aussie pastels. Inspired by Swedish Christmas, naked trees, snow and burgundy timber houses! 

One last thing: we have on sale the Scheepjes Music Boxes on sale at the moment. You can grab it here. They are now $4 (less than half-price!) 

And that's it! 

Happy Yarning <3




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  • Margaret tobin: December 11, 2019
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    Hi Nicole I been looking at all the nice think you been put on and there all lovely I hope your foot is getting better and hope you don’t have to have a operation I still think about the cruise it was a great time still crocheting I love doing that stitch I wish you and your family a merry Christmas safe new year margaret

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