Hello, Yarnies!

This is it! The final chapter! The end of a very yarny year! 

This is the last WITB for 2019! Isn't that just crazy, we have had a crazy, amazing year and we are so happy we could share it with you <3

There is so much in tonight's episode, so we better get straight to it. 

Prepare yourself, tonight was a crazy, crazy ride....

Let's jump into tonight's run-down!

And jump into it we did! When we click into the stream, little did we know THIS was waiting for us!

[ok, I totally wish I could insert the screen-grab here...but we have a wee-little malfunction and lost the original recording. I know! I'm crying!!! Although, keep reading to see Nicole and Shelby's 2nd take!]

[ Ok so apparently the first live-stream survived the disconnect, so now I can show you the screen-grab!! Yay!]

Well, its official, Nicole has officially lost it! 

She has gone mad from being trapped in HQ! The Yarnish Family holiday cannot come soon enough. Mrs Yarnish is in terrible need of a break!!! 

Three more sleeps! 

Nicole and Shelby have been working so hard to get everything organised before the fly out of the country! 

There is so much new stock. You're going to love tonight! 

Just look at this incredibly exciting pic of HQ! 

Yarnish Wears

For the past few days, Nicole has been busy making a new shawl. This pattern is by our very own Natsaha Thorely, Buttonnose Crochet. You can grab the pattern here.


Nicole said that she got up early this morning to finish it. It is just gorgeous! She used just under 2 lovely Noro Kumo skeins, is this beautiful rose-quartz colour. You can purchase them here

This was an absolute dream to work up! Nicole definitely recommends it! The pattern also has a chart, which is super helpful. 

Yarnish Makes

Fruit Cup Squared, by Emma Wilkinson, has been completed! This variation has been completed in the Ombre colourway. We are so in love with its punchy, vibrant design! 

This is the same pattern as the original Fruit Cup Fade, but now in a square design. The pattern is available for free on this blog. You can also purchase the downloadable PDF, coming soon. 

The Doily Bag, one of our first Yarnish Makes, by Katt Wade. It has cute little tassels and a doily design on the front. This first sample had been made with Milano Cotton. 

Katt has also made a sample using Milano Cotton Sport

You can grab the pattern here

The Aster Shawl, by Mari Koeck, and The Day's End Shawl, by Melody Tallon, are coming tomorrow!! Stay tuned! 

This was a screengrab from last weeks' WITB. They are so beautiful, we cannot wait for their launch. 


Both these shawls are made using the Yarnish and Co. Lolas which you can purchase here

Yarnish Support

Katt Wade recently released her Holly the Reindeer pattern. Nicole and Shelby have put together kits for Holly, which you can now purchase here

You can purchase the pattern for Holly here

New @ Yarnish

Noro Kiri $29 -  light thick-and-thin 2-ply silk, wool, mohair blend. Beautiful grey, blue and neutral tones. Totally gorgeous! On Nicole's wishlist. 

Noro Kumo $29 - silky soft viscose/cotton/silk/wool blend in a classic DK weight. It is unique in that each colour offered is blended with natural off-white to create an antique "vintage" look.

Noro Akari $49 - lovely to work with, the gradual tones are so lovely! Shelby was wearing a beautiful shawl made with one, 'Geshi' number 1. 

We have some Noro on sale: 

Noro - Silk Garden - $12 - These are the skeins which vary in colour from skein to skein. 

Noro - Ito - $39 - which is absolutely stunning. There are no words that can accurately describe the Ito! 

Check out our sale tab for more details. 

If you want to read up about the Noro Label, check out my blog post here

The Thistle Beanie

Shelby splurged and bought some beautiful yarn at a show. She made the Thistle Beanie! She also used a pom-pom made by Kylee. Shelby looks super cute wearing it!

You can grab the pattern here

Quick Intermission! 

Nicole and Shelby ran out of coffee and had to restock. You simply cannot survive 3 days leading up to a holiday without it, right? That's when she saw the label! Which read 'Festive Nordic Limited Edition Trio Assortment Pack'. They then purchased 'Taste of Australian Summer'.

They said that this 'the one on the right', is what they will be experiencing, and the one on the 'left' is the one they will miss! 

Nicole and Shelby found this whole experience a bit amusing! Too cute guys! 

Ok back to it! 

Shelby has been busy making up some little kits: 

Kindling Hat Kit - Pattern & 2 balls of Metropolis - $25

Boho Chic Cardigan - Pattern & 8 balls of Cotton 8 - $38.50 - this is enough yarn to do up to the larger size of the pattern. If you make a small size, you should have up to 2 balls leftover!

French Market Bag - pattern and 2 balls of cotton 8 - $9

Ice Cream Rattle Kit - Pattern, 5 balls of Organicon & 2 rattles - $38 - only 2 available but we waiting on more stock (which could be in the boxes of unopened stock!). You get enough yarn to make two rattles. 

Two colourways are available, pinky tones and bluey tones. 

Bathing Duck Kit - Pattern & 5 balls of Organicon - $35 - stay tuned for when the stock arrives for these! 

Hyperbolic Beanie - a new AfterParty pattern. The pattern calls for 2 balls of Metropolis Yarn, but we think a lot of yarn is used in the puff pom-pom. 

HiyaHiya Darning Needles -  $5.50 - The BEST darning needles ever! They have a large eye, making it super easy to thread the yarn. Two different colourways available. 

HiyaHiya Aluminium Hooks - $5.50 - 2mm to 10mm hooks now available. 

Point Protectors - $6.50 - a large set and small set available, for knitting needles. 

Notions Tins - $15 - stitch markers, point protectors in a sweet little tin. Pink, blue, yellow and red available. 

Shawl Pins - $12 - as seen on Nicole's new shawl.

Super cute.... 

.... then we lost our live-stream connection...

Who else freaked out, because we might have missed out on the rest of the stream! Yup me too!

It was actually THIS comment by Kerri which made me laugh out loud! 

...And then the realisation set it!! The video was lost, which means I could not go back through and take screen-shots!! [But it was actually fine! As I found out while editing my transcript. The original upload was saved after all!]

So Nicole and Shelby, being the greatest team-players ever, did a little encore. This is what we got! Multiple 'poses' so I could take pictures hehehe THANKS, LADIES!! 

Take 2: who's a dingbat!

Back to the shawl pins. So many gorgeous pins now in stock. Grab them here

They are all so beautiful! 

THERE ARE SO MANY LOLAS OMG! <= actual words written by Nicole! hehehe

Soooooo many Lolas arrived today!

There were so many Lola's that Shelby's poor car almost exploded! But let's just start from the top: 

Do you remember Shelby's Simple Granny Shawl Pattern? You can read my blog post about it here

The coordinating Lola came in stock, Rainbow in the Sun.

This Lola is different from the others as it has one background colour and then it is twisted with a rainbow of other complimenting colours. They are 50% Cotton / 50% Acrylic | 300g(1125m), 3-4mm needles/hook, Fingering Weight. Other colourways available include:  

- Rainbow in the Sun;
- Rainbow in the Sand;
- Rainbow in the Sweets;
- Rainbow in the Sea;
- Rainbow in the Stone;
- Rainbow in the Artic.

You can see grab them here

Also in stock: 

Pirouettes (Swan Lake & Titania) 

The Swan Lake Lola was used in Mel Harrison's upcoming design, the Muyan Tile. Preorder here

And our final Yarnish and Co Lola finally arrived! Katt is back in stock. 

Pink Christmas Lola (which is not all that Christmasy) is super beautiful! Available now! 

Coming soon: Tegan is making a new shawl pattern using her Lola so grab yourself a Tegan while we have them in stock ;) 

Speaking of Tegan - The original Lola which made the Choose your Path Shawl is now back in stock. Grab it here

White Wedding Lolas also back in stock! These have a beautiful metallic thread through, really subtle and simply stunning! 

The highly anticipated Ornamental Fish is now back in stock! Available with or without glitter. Grab it quick, here!!  

And finally, what you have all been waiting for! The Natasha Bobbel Box is now in stock! 

In fact, all Yarnish and Co Bobbel Boxes are also in stock. Grab them here

And that's it!

But then...

Shelby almost wee-d a little...

Poor Nicole and Shelby had a great fright when they FINALLY noticed Patty just standing and staring at them through the window! Apparently, dinner was ready. Too funny!

What a crazy finale! But what did you expect for the last WITB of the year ;) 

Have a very Merry Christmas! See you next Tuesday for our very special Christmas Eve live-stream! 




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