Hello, Yarnies! 

Ready for another exciting night of yarny-yarn? Yup, me too! Let's jump in: 

Yarnish Wears

Tonight Nicole and Shelby were fully decked out in beautiful colour!

Shelby was wearing her Rigging Wrap in Honey Hive - made by Nicole. You can grab the pattern and kits here

Nicole was wearing her STUNNING Diamond in the Sky Shawl, using the Salted Caramel Matcha Whirl and Bilberry Whirlette

And, Nicole got new glasses which is always exciting! Now she can see all the comments pop up in the live-feed ;) hehehe

Yarnish Announcement! 

WE ARE MOVING! Yarnish is moving business and Nicole and Shelby are moving house! 

This is huge! And its actually happening!

The leases will be signed tomorrow, and they will move out on the 6th of March. So hopefully, it all falls into place otherwise we might have a few minor challenges....

The shopfront will be in Penrith (right near Hobbysew, if your familiar with the area!) 

So yesterday, Nicole and Shelby went looking for paint colours. At the moment, one of the walls in BRIGHT yellow... so they are thinking of giving the shop front a lovely 'Yarnish Touch'. 

There are so many amenities around too, including many beautiful cafes. It is also close to the train station. 

Nicole and Shelby are very excited! 

Also, today two new reps came round, Nicole bought lots of goodies so stay tuned for more beautiful things to come ;) 

Shelby's Show and Tell 

Shelby is always telling Nicole that she has too many WIPS...until Shelby opens up one of her MANY crates of unfinished projects! Did you see Shelby's photo she uploaded to The Yarnish Community? 

Shelby is currently working with her Stenli Virus Shawl. Its so beautiful! 

Shelby says that Stenli Candy is so beautiful to work with: it doesn't split, its smooth. Its just perfection! 

Nicole has made a Virus Shawl in Papayta Silver and it was so beautiful worked up. 

At first we were really a fan of the virus pattern, but something changed and we are now obsessed! The virus pattern is more of a tutorial, a series of videos you can find here. Its really easy and so rewarding. 

Now its time for Nicole's Show and Tell. Nicole made a jumper for 'her grandson'!

She made a jumper for Astra, the Naked Sphinx, in Red Heart Dreamy. Its a lovely, fluffy yarn.

Nicole said she just had to adjust the pattern, because when you crochet, the seam is not straight which is why the underside looks like this: 

Nicole said that she is hoping to write her own kitty cat jumper pattern. 

A Special Mention

Jan’s Nightfall Shawl is absolutely stunning! She made the shawl from 2 skeins of Juniper Moon Farm Aine ($22 - 100% pure mulberry silk - stunning - and nice photos :) 

Nicole and Shelby even showed the rep Jan's Nightfall Shawl and he was so impressed.

So, Nicole was wondering if you were interested in other colours?

Previously, Nicole has only had the Linen colour available but there are plenty of others to choose from. So if you are interested, please send Nicole and Shelby a message! 

New @ Yarnish

Stenli is drizzling in - Candy Opals ($30) the first to arrive! We expect that all stock should arrive within the next week or so.

These are cotton (like Candy), but they are intertwined with fine iridescent sparkle - 80% cotton, 15% lurex (which is the sparkle). The packet also includes a chart for a lovely shawl (if you can see really small details hehehe) 

If you ordered any of the colours which came today, they will be shipped out tomorrow. Otherwise the other lines will (hopefully) come next week! 

There are soooo many beautiful colours, and they all have an adorable wooden heart for a 'easy-pull' start! 

After Party - Memory Blanket: This blanket uses Stonewashed and River-washed XL. If you wanted to do a smaller version you could used the standard Stonewashed River-washed. 

Surprise visit from Bobo!! 

Poor Shelby was focused on the task at hand and that was explaining the Memory Blanket! She did not look impressed!

Back in Stock @ Yarnish 

The Art of Crochet Blankets - $50, Shelby's favorite book! And this is Yarnish's favorite pattern, made with Papatya Batik - only available at Yarnish ;) 

This book has so many crochet blanket patterns inspired by other crafts including weaving, patchwork, graphic design, fabric design and more. 

Whirls Whirls Whirls - Woolly - $45, Ombre & The Originals!!! - $35

Don't forget: the charming Grace Top, by Yarnish Designer Natasha Thorely, uses a whirl (and up to two whirlettes depending on your size). You can find the pattern here

Plum Whirligigettes - Nicole accidentally ordered them, but oh well, it means they are now available! - $25

After Party Patterns - $1 SALE woohoo! These include the Indigo Shrug, the Ice Cream Rattles, the NEW Memory Blanket (just just came in!) and so much more! 


Indulgence Mini Hand Painted $40 save $20 - Last one! Grab it while you can!! 

Coming soon! 

Here is a sneaky peek of new things to come: 

Just look at this KFI Sock Yarn! It looks sooo adorable!

There will be new Noro and so much more woolly warmness.

And that's it for tonight. We hope you enjoyed it!

Happy Yarning :) 




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