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There are so many delicious goodies now in store! Seriously...THERE IS SO MUCH STUFF!! Lets check it all out from tonight's episode of...

What's in the box!!!


Moving Day is fast approaching!!

It has only just dawned on Nicole that Shelby is leaving, THIS SATURDAY!! 

She is leaving in 4 days! Which means this is her last WITB at Mulgoa eepppp!!

Shelby Show & Tell 

Shelby has finished her beautiful Virus Shawl (you can find the pattern here)! Shelby is so happy with it! She says that it turned out quite big, but she really loves it. It does have a bit of weight to it, compared to a Whirl (70g heavier). 

Shelby made this gorgeous shawl from a Stenli Candy. They are all in stock (except a few colors from Candy). You can grab yours here. Shelby used 1 cake. 

We are still waiting on the Mustard/Blue Shelby used, but there is this beautiful Mustard/White in stock. Annnnddd we also have this gorgeous Opal White/Mustard (which has a lovely iridescent sheen). So you can get really creative and swap between the two for a truly unique looking project! 

There is also a Mustard/Brown which you might like to throw in. 

While Shelby was rummaging for colours that match, she also found this lovely combo! 

So check out our Stenli stock! You can have soooo much fine creating some really beautiful colour combos. 

Yarnish Kids Club

Happy Birthday Mia who turned 10 on February 16th!!! Shelby says that she was supposed to say this last week, but she hopes you had a really beautiful day! Double Digits is a huge deal :D 

This brings us to our next bit of exciting news! Sign up to our kids club to receive cool messages and sweet loot! :3

Best part is, there is no age limit, so if you're feeling like a big kid then go for it and sign away! hehehe

Stay tuned for more details. 

More community announcements

We want to express all our love and wishes to Donna and her Hubby who has had surgery and has had his voice-box removed. He is recovering super well and we are so happy. So Donna and Donna's Hubby, sending you love xxx

Our Yarnish community population grew this week! Two more Yarnies were born, as Jessica Gotham gave birth to little Harper and Elliot. They are adorable twins! Mum is doing super well <3

New @ Yarnish

Premier Yarns:

Bloom Chunky - 100% Acrylic | 100g(99m) | $7.00 Self-patterning yarn in floral print Like Cicibebe Sprinkles, it is so soft and really squishy! Three colours, perfect for a beautiful baby! 

Coffee Shop - 85% Acrylic / 15% Wool | 100g(259m) | $9.50 This yarn has a beautiful texture to it, similar to Sierra yarn. There are so many beautiful colourways, and each ball has a lovely organic feel! 

Garden - 100% Microfibre Acrylic | 100g(260m) | $10.50 We love this yarn! New bright batik shades will bring energy to light weight spring and summer shawls and wraps

Spun Colors - 65% Acrylic / 35% Fine Merino Superwash Wool | 200g(383m) | $16.50 We have had these in before and they went in a flash! Each ball has a really beautiful twist and blend of colour, they are absolutely mesmerizing! 

Nicole made a beautiful scarf from these beautiful cakes. She used 3 x 4ply Nundle Wool and 1 ball of the Spun Colour. The scarf is called Masonry Scarf and the pattern will be available as soon as Shelby finishes formatting (in a few days, fingers crossed!) 

Couture Home - 86% Acrylic / 14% Polyester | 280g(224m) | $18.00 These are BIIIIIG MUMMAS! This is the most lovely blankie yarn! Super pretty and super squishy. Nicole calls this 'pinky ply'! That's how chunky it is! The label recommends using a 10mm hook. 

Yarn Art:

Flowers Moonlight - 43% Acrylic / 53% Cotton / 4% Lurex | 260g(900m) | $30.00 Look how pretty these are! They are a acrylic cotton! They come with a lovely 'easy-start'. This is so shimmery, a perfect iridescent sparkle. There are gold sparkles, silver sparkles and coloured sparkles! Each ball is so unique with their colourway. These are very similar to a Whirl, so anything you would use a Whirl for, we recommended trying this instead! We love it so much <3

Lion Brand:

Amazing Lace - we have black, green, blue and eggplant now in stock! Weight of a Whirl, but feels like cashmere (without the breakage!) 


Umina - 50% Baby Alpaca / 50% Extrafine Merino Wool | 100g(225m) | $29.50 A luxurious blend with a great twist that makes for excellent stitch definition. Spun & dyed in Peru - in a range of beautiful heathered colours.

Back in Stock

Elsebeth Lavold:

Silky Wool - 45% Wool / 35% Silk / 20% Polyamide | 50g(175m) | $14.00 Perfect for socks! Shelby was wearing her Rigging Wrap tonight which is made from this yarn. We have some new colours back in stock, as well as the popular mustard! These colours are all stunning, especially when you hold them all together. 


Noro Silk Garden - These balls are so unique. Every ball is wound differently. They are so organic and natural, it's like crocheting/knitting with nature <3 

If you don't know about this beautiful brand, you can read all about it in this blog post here

Nicole was wearing her beautiful Noro Scarf. She is wearing her Frageria Shawl, by Natasha Ireland, in colourway Kumo. She said that the more you work with it and wash it, the better it gets. Just like a beautiful linen shirt! 

Colour Crafter Colour Selections - $54 - Nicole decided to keep the sale going!!! There is so many colour packs available, with lots of beautiful inspirational pictures to go along with the colour story. 

Nicole announced tonight that she will be discontinuing Sheepjes Colour Crafter. Instead, Yarnish will be stocking a new Turkish Yarn (which we all know Turkey is renowned by its quality) and distributed by an Australian company! We are so excited to announce we will be stocking...


We are over the moon! This is a beautiful non-pilling yarn. It does have a different twist to it, but its super shiny and very squishy. We have 65 colours in stock, seriously this is a crazy colour selection!  

Shelby created a beautiful colorway inspired by Mari, just LOOK AT IT! We are in awe! 

As this range turned up on the door-stop at 6pm tonight, they will not be up on the website until a bit later. 

Canvas Tote Bags$18.00 - our new Yarnish mantras!! They are square bottom bags, so they are super roomy for all your WIPS. 

Victorian Scissors - $8.00 These are lovely, and come with a little sheath to keep them safe. We have had them before and they were super popular. 

Rose Gold Scissors - $35.00 These are super 'Klasse!' Look at these scissors! They are so vintage and we are swooning over these scissors! 

Etimo Rose Hooks - $159 we have some lovely new sets in stock and we also have individual hooks for $15.50. 

Smart Stix - $110 The name says it all, they really are SMART! The needles are multicoloured, and at 2cm intervals so you can measure on the spot. Knitters need this because the pattern might say 'repeat the last four rows until your work measures x cms...' And with your marked needles, measuring is super easy! And, to top it off, the cables have measurements too! 

Ginger Special - $170 The knitter's favorite needle: Providing hours of pleasurable knitting with no hand fatigue.

Ginger Deluxe - $180 vegan Leather, sustainable timber and has some extra cables compared to the Special. 

Ginger Double Pointed - $150 Perfect if you like to work your socks on double pointed needles then this is for you! Does not have a pattern holder though. 

LYKKE Long Interchangeables - $150 a really comfortable way to work with cables. Most of your work will be sitting in the cable. 

Dimensions Needle Felting Kits - $17.50-$19.50 Look what Shelby made!

Needle felting is lots of fun and really therapeutic if you feel like you need to stab something a million times! This is very easy to do but you just need to take your time at first - otherwise, you will literally stab yourself - you use the sharp, multi-pronged needle and stab the wool roving to fuse the fibers. 

Lots of new books - $9.50-$45 Check out our website for the full selection. Seriously, there are far too many to mention! Shawls, bags, blankets, toys. If you want to make it, we have a book for it! 

Timeless Noro - Knit Blankets $25 - We love this book, it is absolutely full of so many inspiring pattern. If you would like your own copy, email Nicole! 

Oh my gosh! We made it to the end! 

Again, this was Shelby's last WITB because she will be away. Next week will be Nicole's last WITB in Mulgoa! Its so sad but its the beginning of many amazing things to come <3 

Happy shopping! There are so many beautiful squishes in my cart already hehe. Race ya to the checkout ;)  




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  • Margaret tobin: February 27, 2020
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    Hi Nicole I wish you all the best in your new shop hope you do really well I love all
    The colour of the wool you been showing and every think you and you daughter
    Has made.
    Are you moving just the shop or are you moving from the house you were tell me about on our cruise

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