Hello, Yarnies! <3

What a beautiful Christmas surprise, to see these two lovely faces at 6.30pm on Christmas and New Year's Eve! 

Despite it being very, VERY cold and very, VERY early, Nicole and Shelby didn't miss their favorite time of week (in Aussie-time, of course)! It was 6am their time! 

In case you missed these gorgeous little chats, I have written up all the major points from both live-streams below.

So here are all the highlights from the WITB live-streams, Christmas and New Year's Edition <3 Enjoy!

Christmas Eve

Not wanting to wake up the house, Nicole and Shelby went outside for the live-stream, where they were greeted by some very friendly locals!

This little man's owner wanted to let Nicole and Shelby know that Sweden was thinking of Australia during this terrible time. The news of the fires is reaching all parts of the world it was so beautiful of him to say <3

Nicole and Shelby said that everyone is so lovely and hospitable! 

Sweden is like a storybook! Here is Nicole and Shelby's home for the next little while: 

Nicole and Shelby were wearing two beautiful beanies that they made: 

Nicole was wearing the Hyperbolic Puff Beanie, using Nundle 8-ply, and one of Kylee's pom-poms

Shelby was wearing the Thistle Beanie

Nicole also made a Hyperbolic Puff Beanie on the plane for Patrick's sister. She used Patons - Sierra.

Shelby is making little mittens! She is so clever, she is free-forming them! She said she might write the pattern up...

Shelby is also making the Fansea Scarf by Mel Harrison. Shelby chats more about it in the New Year's stream, which I have included below.  

A quick little trip update: 

The Yarnish Fam traveled from Sydney to San Franciso. Nicole said that she was sooooo tired, and also dosed up on medication to help her through the flight :( 

During their time in San Fran, they were able to travel around town and see some sights. After some 'interesting' encounters with the locals, Nicole and Shelby were still able to enjoy their time and have a wonderful day! 

They are having a lovely time so far! 

God Jul! <3

New Year's Eve

Our pajama loving, breakfast-eating pair woke up again to say 'good-morning!' They showed us some more of their beautiful holiday makes as well as share with us some exciting news!

But first, in case you're wondering Nicole and Shelby are slowly becoming accustomed to Swedish Cuisine. 

Ham and Cheese in a Tube anyone? 

Or how about some Smörgåstårta? Or Seafood Cake? 

First up! Shelby shared her 'Simple Granny Shawl' in Papatya Cake 204, 5.5mm hook (she even packed a tassel maker and beads so she could finish it off!) This was a free pattern she posted up on this blog. You can find it here or purchase the formatted PDF version for $2 here

This was a very perfect holiday make! Super simple, super quick and SUPER beautiful! 

Shelby shared her new favorite project bags from Knitting Unicorns! She gifted one to Nicole, Emma, Sue and myself for Christmas! We were so spoilt! These bags are beautiful. They even have little pockets inside! 

Here is Nicole using her bag on the plane: 

 Another 'Shelby Makes': 

Using her Mel 2 Lola, Shelby is making the Fansea Scarf by Mel Harrison, using a 3.5mm hook. 

Shelby is a crochet machine! Here is another make: 

Using the 12-ply Nundle Chaffey, Shelby is making the Spice Market Snood, from the Tea Room Scheepjes Bookazine. 

This yarn is gorgeous, its very soft and machine washable! 

Nicole is back on the Noro, making the Desert Winds Shawl. 

Now for some Swedish Culture!

Nicole and Shelby are on a mission to find some Dala Horses. They managed to find this beauty, but want more! 

Behold! Patricks favorite Childhood cartoon, The Moomins! Click here for the opening song :D You wont be disappointed! It's so cute hehehe

He loves it so much, he still has his bedspread! <3 When Patrick was little, he made a crochet Moomin at school. How cuteeeee! 

On Christmas Eve, Patrick's family play a 'Christmas present game'. For every person that's there, there would be a wrapped gift (kinda like Secret Santa-ish and the present can be funny or serious). You then go around the table rolling dice. If you roll a double, you get to select a present, you go around the table until all the presents have been selected. You then open the presents to see what everyone has received.

Then, a timer is set (only the person who sets the dice, knows how long the timer goes for), and in that time you keep rolling doubles to STEAL another person's present! Its the ultimate Swedish game of possession and self-present preservation!  

Shelby managed to steal the most gorgeous little Alpaca, and Nicole won some a toiletry bag. 

Nicole and Shelby chatted for a bit about how beautiful the melting Icy lake was. It was absolutely spectacular watching the ice float and crash into the water line!

Unfortunately, they just missed the snow, it was snowing all week before but it has now melted :( 

Yarnish Things! 

We are currently on sale! Take advantage of all the great deals while you can! 

Nicole and Shelby will be traveling to Turkey to see Papatya. They have a whole new range of goodies. Nicole is hoping to start stocking some new stuff soon! 

Papatya has a new line which is 50/50 cotton and acrylic (similar to Scheepjes to Soft Fun), they also have a velvet range, lots of new cakes, including Cicibebe velvet cakes and new silver colours. There is soooo much! 

Nicole and Shelby are also hoping to look at all the new Stenli ranges, as well as visit Scheepjes and Garn Manufaktur. Nicole says she sees a whole lot of new stock in the future! 

Bring on 2020! 

 Happy New Year!

And that's it!

I hope you enjoy this WITB special <3

Happy New Year, 




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