Hey Yarnies!

Shelby here for a quick WITB Recap. I'll try to keep it short and sweet because I'm sure we all have crafting we'd rather do!

Starting with the sale items...

All promo stock is 20% off! That means your Yarnish Pens ($2), Mugs ($12) and Tote Bags (23)! So if you've been wanting to rep the coolest yarn store around *wink wink*, now's your chance! 

We've also added Nundle to the sale! I've used both the 12ply and 8ply Nundle Wool, and it is amazing!! It's super soft without that wool 'prickle'! Reneé has previously written a blog about how this yarn is made, and where it comes from - so if you aren't familiar with it, do yourself a favour and have a read!

We've had a rather large delivery from Scheepjes this week, so here's all the stuff we've restocked!

  • After Party Patterns, $1:  We've restocked many of our favourite pattern books. We've also dropped the price to $1 each - because they weren't already enough of a bargain!
    If you've found yourself with lots of After Party Patterns lying around, and would like somewhere to store them - we have you covered!
  • After Party A5 Folders, $9: I know we've all been waiting on these to come back in! They are perfect for keeping the little booklets nice and organised!
  • Whirlettes, $12: Most colours are now available! These are great for when you need that little bit extra at the end of a project.
  • Skies Light, $15
  • Secret Garden, $8
  • Bamboo Soft, $7
  • Organicon, $6.50 (Which means our Ice Cream Rattle Kit, $28 & Bathing Duck Kit, $26 is back in stock!)
  • Fine Art Whirls, $55: We received more of the colour 651 - Impressionism (light purple), so now most of these are in stock!

Other restocks:

  • Opry Silicon Teethers, $7: These pair perfectly with Reneé's Baby Panda Cubs, Bei Bei and Su Lin.
  • Noro, Geshi, $49: We've restocked 2 of our favourite colours, plus an exciting new colour! It's a beautiful mix of sky blue and ochre, it just screams Spring! It's kind of the perfect mix of myself and mum! 


I know, this is what you're all waiting for!

As well as restocking some old After Party Patterns, we got a couple of brand new ones too! 

We have the Away Day Shawl, made with Merino Soft, and the Bright Sight Cushion made with Chunky Monkey (however I can see both looking rather stunning made up in Fiddlesticks Superb 8!)

We also have a super exciting new pattern booklet by Scheepjes called 'Pretty Little Things'. The first edition is all about pets, with a crochet, knit AND a sewing pattern. I think my Astra needs the knitted jumper!! These booklets are $2.50 each.


The last exciting thing from Scheepjes is the brand new Bookazine, NOW Age - which is super on-trend! The book is filled with so many gorgeous crochet patterns (plus a couple of knits) for the modern bohemian. The 4 chapters of the book are 'Joyful', 'Mindful', 'Spiritual' and 'Respectful', and I don't think this could have come at a better time! I'm truly looking forward to giving this a read, as well as add most of the patterns to my ever-growing 'to-make' list!!

NOW Age is available now, for $26.

And the final product to arrive rather late today is a brand new kind of Noro Cake called Bachi (pronounced Batchi). It is a 100% wool, chunky weight, lofty singles yarn in Noro's classic multi-colour, variegated, self-patterning style. It's perfect for quick and cozy makes! These gorgeous cakes are $55 each.

Pictured is colour 07 Ueda.

Before I log off for the night, I have one final announcement! One of our amazing designers, Tegan Howes of Howesthecrochet, has released the second edition of Edith's Duet - this time it is in the form of an Infinity Scarf / Cowl!

You can purchase this pattern directly from her Ravelry.

Edith's Duet is a classic and effortless design, and looks fabulous in a multitude of different yarns! One of the samples was made with 2 different Whirlettes, for a striped look. Tegan also recommended another of our yarns - Amazing Lace, which would work up beautifully soft! 

Thank you Yarnies for all the support during these trying times! We appreciate every single one of you! 

We look forward to seeing you all again next week! 

- Shelby <3 xxx



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