Hello, Yarnies <3 

This is the first official blog post for 2020!

However, this blog post won't be the usual 'all happy', 'all yarny' post that we are used to seeing. This is because we have something important we want to talk about. 

The mass devastation across our beautiful country has us completely heartbroken. 

Since August last year, bushfires have ravaged our country. The fires have burnt an estimated 18.6 million hectares, destroyed over 5,900 buildings (including approximately 2,683 homes) and killed at least 29 people. In addition, it is estimated that over 1 billion animals have perished, which is heavily contributing to the near extinction of our beloved Koala population. 

We know that some of our Yarnish Community, our dear friends, have been directly impacted by the fires and we extend our heartfelt sympathies to those who have lost their homes, their livelihoods, and loved ones.

We also want to pay our respects to the Rural Fire Service, our White Knights during this very dark time. Especially to our Yarnish Community Members who volunteer with the Fire Service, there are no words to truly express how we feel. Your sacrifice to keep us safe is absolutely monumental, unforgettable and completely revered. 

Like a Pheonix, rising from the ashes...

However, from death and destruction, we see our Australian spirit remain strong and true. As ever before, we have seen our country's people come together and provide undying support and love to one another. This is what makes us proud to be Australian. 

The maker community around our nation (and now around the Globe!) have joined, almost literally hand-in-hand, to fight for Australia. The Animal Rescue Craft Guild is, but one, MEGA example of how individuals can make a real difference in the lives of the survivors who have lost everything. This public group, which started as a fairly small number of 400, has exploded to over 230,000. Members have frantically made nests, mittens, and pouches for our precious wildlife. 

Speaking of individual makers making a difference, a few of our Yarnish Makes Designers have taken it upon themselves to raise money for our injured wildlife and volunteer firefighters. 

How you can help. 

Emma Wilkinson, Katt Wade, and yours truly, Renee Ettia, have designed cute crochet patterns for fundraising purposes. With every purchase of these patterns, funds will be donated to various charities aimed at helping with the bushfire recovery initiative. I have listed the details below: 

Kirra Koala by Emma Wilkinson

"Kirra Koala is a cuddly little amigurumi friend, who was designed at a time the local Koala population has been suffering a terrible loss."

Emma pledges: 

$2.00 from every pattern sold will be donated to local Koala charities.

January 2020:
$1.00 from every pattern sold will be donated to the Avian Reptile and Exotic Pet Hospital (AREPH)

$1.00 from every pattern sold will be donated to WIRES

Kirra Koala is made using 100% Australian Merino wool from Nundle woollen mills, which keeps much-needed funds in our rural communities.

Other supplies needed: 12 mm saftey eyes, 2.5 mm crochet hook, stuffing, yarn needle, small amount of black yarn (dk or similar). 

Bandaroo the Koala by Katt Wade

"As typical Australian Summer goes; we can have anything from cyclones, to floods, to 40°C+ temperatures and unfortunately, fires. This summer, Australia is burning and our poor wildlife is taking the brunt of it; along with our firefighters and many communities! Bandaroo is an Aboriginal word which means “Rain”, and we sure could use some of it right now!" 

Katt pledges:

$2 from EVERY sale of this pattern will go towards Koalas in Care and Vinnies Bushfire Appeal

Bandaroo can be made with Scheepjes Colour Crafter and Catona yarn. 

Rescue Joey By Renee Ettia

"The bushfire devastation in Australia has killed our loved ones, flatten our homes and destroyed more than 500 million of our precious wildlife. Australia is in crisis! I crocheted this little joey after seeing the graphic images of our poor animals being burnt alive by the blaze. It was a cathartic exercise. But now, I decided to write this pattern in order to raise money for the amazing organisations determined to save our bush baby survivors." 

I pledge: 

Until January 31st 2020, 100% of the proceeds from this pattern will be donated to WIRES, the not-for-profit organisation which provides care and actively rehabilitates and preserves Australian wildlife. 

From February 1st 2020, $2 from every pattern sold will be donated to WIRES.

Rescue Joey has been made with Scheepjes Stonewashed Yarn. 

Fire Fighting Heroes by Renee Ettia

"Our Fire Fighters have been the White Knights in our battle against Mother Nature and her bushfires. Did you know that the New South Wales Rural Fire Service is the largest volunteer fire service in the world! They provide emergency and fire services to 95% of NSW. Without our Fire Service, we would be lost. These are our heroes; everyday Australians who sacrifice their lives for our safety.

Also, I cannot help but worry about the impact this must be having on our young children. Seeing all this devastation and smoke must be causing so much sadness and worry. If you decide to make this little Hero for your young one, I hope that it may bring some comfort. " 

I pledge: 

Until February 2nd, 2020, 100% of the proceeds from this pattern will be donated to the NSW Rural Fire Service.

From February 3rd, 2020, $2 from every sale of this pattern will be donated to the NSW RFS.

Fire Fighting Heroes have been made with Scheepjes Catona

Thank you and don't forget....

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. For those who have already purchased these patterns, thank you for all your support and generous donations.

Don't forget that there are some amazing counselling services available right across Australia. Whether you have been directly impacted by the fires or have felt an overwhelming sense of sadness by the smoke and watching the news; it is never too late to ask for help! If you feel that you are always thinking about the fires, feel a sense of sadness, or are 'not feeling yourself', please, reach out!  Talk to a family member and/or friend or visit your local GP for a referral to a mental health professional. It's for everyone! We all need it from time to time :) 




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