Yellow month finished up and we had some great entries. Marisa won the draw with her beautiful sunflower girl, made from Softfun Denim. I've picked a few of the other entries to share today.
As usual, we had a great selection of toys.
Katt made a lovely lemon brontosaurus
Sue is going to catch them all, starting with a Pikachu
Karen made some accessories for her bear
We also got some things to wear
Dyanne has made a top from a whirl.
Erin has a shawl on the blocking mats! 
And a few blankets added to the mix! 
Bec has made a Bakewell Blanket from Cicbebe 
Anna has made a honeycomb version of the Cora Blanket
Bek has made a Kaleidoscope Star from a stenli baby muffin
Aimee is staring a Sophie's Dream. 
Green month is currently underway, and blue is starting on the 9th of August. Before then, I will be sharing some blue yarn ideas. 
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