Hello Yarnies <3 

I'm totally vibing Oprah right now! Nicole asked me to do a special blog post about the point system on the Yarnish Online Store, and so now I feel like I'm giving away free stuff! 

If you are not too familiar with the 'Yarnish Plus' system it will seriously change your life!!! 

To help you take full advantage of this fabulous system, I have posted a step-by-step 'how-to' to show you exactly what you need to do: 

Step 1: Signing in

First, you will need to either create an account or sign in with an existing email.

To do this, simply click on the 'create an account' or 'sign in' buttons at the top right of the screen, or you can click on the Yarnish Plus button at the bottom right of the screen. 

Good news!! When you create an account with us, you will automatically receive a 10% off voucher to use online! 

Once you have signed in, click on the 'Yarnish Plus button again, located in the bottom right of the screen. You will then notice two tabs pop up;

1. Get Rewards;

2. Earn Points.

Let's look at the latter first.  

 2. Earn Points

This tab is similar to a 'to-do' list only better!! 

Earn Points sets out simple tasks for you to complete, and by completing them you will earn points. For example, if you follow Yarnish on Instagram you will receive 50 points!! This is the same for liking the Facebook page. That's an easy 100 points!! 

You will also notice that by simply signing up with Yarnish, you have received 200 points! Also every dollar you spend you receive 1 point.

There are lots of other tasks too!

So you're feeling like Smaug and are sitting on a ton of points, now what? 

This is the part where we Get Rewards!

3. Get Rewards

This is the fun part! Once you have accumulated your points, go back to the 'Get Rewards' tab and see what you can redeem. Each level will earn you a voucher of a certain dollar amount. For example, if you have 500 points you will be able to redeem a $5 voucher. To redeem a $10 you will need to earn 1000 points. This tab will tell you exactly how many points you need to earn a voucher. 

To redeem your points for a voucher, simply click the redeem button and a special voucher code will appear for you. Use this code at the checkout of your next purchase to apply the discount. 

You will also notice that the Yarnish Plus tab keeps track of all your points so you can clearly see how many you have. 

 4. A few other things to note...

The Yarnish Plus system will also work for you when you shop at one of our open days at Yarnish HQ.

However, this system does not work at craft shows. Sorry about that!

Before I finish...!

Our Yarnish online store has plenty of other fun things to look at and I thought I would take to opportunity to show you. 

Our Yarnish Events interactive calendar is perfect for keeping track of all the amazing events happening! 

Also, this blog is also located on our website (not just through our Facebook links). You can catch up on all previous blog posts by clicking 'What's on the Blog'. 

And that's it! 

Hope you enjoyed this little 'how-to'! 




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