Hello Yarnies <3 

And we're back! Time is going by so quickly! It seems like only yesterday we released our Dream-Catcher pattern ;) hehehe 

So here we are for Day Six. We are officially half-way through our CAL. Have you been keeping up? We have seen some very speedy crocheters who are keeping pace, and some others who are thriving with the 'slow and steady' tactic :) 

Ok, let's see what we are making for Day six: 

 🎵 On the sixth day of Christmas-CAL, Mrs Yarnish sent to me 🎵

A Christmas-Tree Stack Ornament, by Mari Koeck of Gray Day Crochet

This is Mari's second design for this year's Christmas-CAL and, as a result, we are feeling double-y special! This stack is the perfect partner to the Bauble Stack Ornament from Day Three. Although in saying this, both stacks hold their own as individual hangings. 

Even though this pattern is constructed 'in the round', you will be working a series of 2D shapes to produce a 3D ornament. This design process will see you whipping up so many of these little cuties! They are super fast and super easy to make! I am having visions of 10, 20 or even 30 little tree stacks hanging off a real Christmas Tree! I'm thinking we might need to hold a competition to see how many you can make in 1-hour \(*^▽^*)/

In the 'Day Three' blog post, I asked Mari some questions about her design and her most treasured Christmas Memories. You can read them by clicking here, or you can scroll down. I have copied them again below: 

When asked the inspiration behind her design, Mari said:

"How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I’m a Dr Seuss #superfan and my dream would be to deck the halls like the Whos down in Whoville... The bauble stack reminds me of bold and whimsical Seuss decor."

Mari shared some hot tips, for when working on her design:

"A smaller hook would work really well, but you can use what works for you. I went with a 3.5mm for consistency, but anything between 2.25mm and 3.5mm would work. Also - the bauble stack uses standard spheres. If you’ve got a preferred method, go with that - it won’t impact the construction."

She also wanted to share:

"Have fun and don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s your mistakes that make it a unique, handmade work of art. Also, with a Dr Seuss vibe, it’s more about going with the flow than striving for perfection."

When asked about her 'team', Mari certainly wasn't shy! Mari says she is Team Merry through-and-through:

"Bright? Bold? Over the top? I’m Merry all the way."

Mari also shared some of her most treasured Christmas traditions and memories:

We open a book or pjs on Christmas Eve and enjoy some quiet and cozy time to wind up the day... My grandmother was like Santa. Whenever she came to the house, presents suddenly appeared. It felt like magic. As an adult, it feels even more magical."

Thank you so much for sharing Mari <3 

We cannot wait to see all your cute little Christmas Tree Stacks! 

Merry Yarning <3




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