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Yarnish Advent MCAL 2018 - Day 11

Posted by Emma Wilkinson on

Sharing some more projects from the Yarnish Community.

Giovanna started a bit later, but that's ok! it's not a race!

Judy is working on a circular centrepiece, and it looks great! Both of today's pictures are made using the 'Rustic' kit. 


Scheepjes Catona, 100% cotton 10g / 25 m x 24 balls.


Hook size: 4 mm

Gauge: Motif will measure 10 cm at widest point. 1 x 10 g ball will yield 2 motifs.


Today you will be making and joining two motifs as per pattern.  A reminder of the pattern can be found here.

Thanks for joining in the Advent MCAL!



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