Only 12 days to Christmas!

Judy is the first person to finish! She has made hers a perfect size for her round table. I love the idea that everyone will have a unique finished table runner, most suited to them.

I also enjoy seeing everyone's favourite hot beverages!

You can share your photos on instagram and use the hashtag #YarnishmakesMCAL or upload a projecdt to Ravelry!


DAY 12:



Scheepjes Catona, 100% cotton 10g / 25 m x 24 balls. – Select one ball from your kit.

Hook size: 4 mm

Gauge: Motif will measure 4 cm at widest point. 1 x 10 g ball will yield 2 motifs.


Today you will be making and joining two motifs as per pattern.


A reminder of the pattern is linked here.




You will have 24 joined and blocked motifs.


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